Florida Wholesale Palms and Bamboo

Growing Florida wholesale palms and bamboo since 1984 has positioned us to be one of the leading growers in the Southeastern US.

Palmco is one of the top growers of these popular landscaping materials for the great state of Florida.

When knowledge and passion meet in our fields the plants and customers benefit from this combination. The result is the successful cultivation of landscaping materials that are primed for the Florida commercial and residential landscaping market place.

Lots of sun, ample rain and regular fertilization schedules are the regime employed to ensure that we are able to produce quality palms and bamboo year after year.

Owners, field managers and customer service representatives all working together to closely monitor fields for quality. We meet daily to catch up and weekly for more detail oriented planning discussions.

No one cares more about our fields than we do! And it shows. The materials grown on our 600 acers are all engineered to be of Florida Fancy quality. Not every tree can grow up to have the best caliper or canopy, but we sure try to make this happen. With a little help from mother nature and some engineering from mankind…  We often have ideal results. 

When the weather turns we use wind turbines to protect leaves and fronds from frost. These turbines are located strategically around our 600 acre farm to ensure air keeps moving on those nights when low temperatures can be a threat. Not that Southwest Florida experiences too many cold nights annually, but when we do, our team is prepared to combat less than ideal temperatures.

Schedule a pick up if it makes more sense based on the location of your jobsite.

Our customer base keeps the local drivers busy year round. These drivers are experienced tree haulers and are aware of the details associated with hauling palms and bamboo. 

Customer service is a number one priority in our estimation and it is one of the reasons customers buy from Palmco year in and year out.

Our loading team has developed strategies to prevent damage to the truncks of trees. Strategies for loading and unloading large triple and multi trees so that the weight is distributed evenly on the canes.  When the weight is not distributed evenly, it can have devestating effects on the tree. 

Our customer service and ability to arrange shipping to your jobsites has positioned us as one of the leading choices for landscapers and landscape architects in Florida.

We know how important it is to have attentive customer service representatives working with you to help you get the best trees for your customer. When it is not resonable for you to come and tag your trees we will tag them for you and send you the pictures for your approval.  You can use those pictures to sell or confirm the job. The trees we agree to are the trees that will show up on your jobsite.

We’ve gotcha covered.  

Contact us today at 1-239-283-1329 or use the links above to find your closest location.