Areca Palms For Sale

Areca Palms For Sale

The Areca Palms we have for sale at Palmco make great additions to landscaping projects because they are thick enough and low enough to serve as a hedge or screen between property lines or to section off part of a property.

They can also be pruned to show off their bamboo-like canes.

Areca Palms are sometimes known as feather palms for their long, feather-like fronds that are a deep green color. Their arching shape provides an almost elegant look.

Areca Palms can also be planted in pots and then transferred to the ground as they grow.

In addition to its ability to act as a screen or hedge, the Areca palm is drought resistant and moderately salt tolerant, making it an extremely versatile palm. Drought resistant palms are extremely useful because they not only do well when water is somewhat scarce, but they also do not require as much maintenance as some of their thirsty counterparts.

Drought Tolerant Palms

Palm trees that are drought tolerant have a hardworking root system.

As a rule, palms’ root systems are long and spindly, anchoring the plant to the ground and reaching far and wide for sources of water. Palms that are drought tolerant are especially good at finding and retaining water.

Other palm species that are highly drought tolerant include:

  • Chinese Fan Palm – The Chinese Fan Palm is not only drought tolerant, but it can also withstand very low temperatures—even down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Its hardiness makes it a very popular palm, and the fact that it is visually appealing contributes to its popularity. It has a wide canopy that hangs down, giving it a weeping appearance.
  • Green Malayan Coconut – This coconut-producing palm tree originates from Jamaica, which may be why it’s both highly drought and salt tolerant. However, if it is sprayed with salt water fairly consistently, it will need to be washed off periodically. This palm can grow up to 80 feet, making it one of the larger palm trees available.
  • Maypan Coconut – Another coconut-producing palm, this species was actually created by breeding the Dwarf Malayan and the Panama Tall palms. The result is a cold-hardy, salt tolerant, and drought tolerant palm that grows well with full sun exposure.
  • European Fan – This is one of our shorter palms, growing to just about 10 feet. It originates in the Mediterranean and is often found in poor, rocky soil. This history allows the palm to be very adaptable to all kinds of soils, including cold conditions.
  • Reclinata (Senegal Date Palm) – This palm tree grows in large clumps, making it perfect for large areas like parks and other open spaces. This fast-growing palm will generally reach about 25 to 30 feet. It does produce dates, which are useful for eating and cooking. You can also use this palm for making fiber-based products like mats or baskets. The sap can even be used to create palm wine!
  • Sabal (Cabbage Palm) – Full-grown Sabal palms are great for commercial use because they are hardy, widely available, and come at relatively low cost. The plant does require a lot of water when transplanted but, once established, this is a very hardy palm.

Areca Palms are for sale at Palmco in a variety of heights and canes.

Give us a call at (239) 283-1329 to see if this drought-tolerant plant would be the perfect addition to your landscaping project.