Palm Trees for Sale in Florida

Palm Trees for Sale in Florida

Palm trees for sale in Florida can be found at Palmco, Florida’s premier wholesaler and grower of top-quality palms. Located in the quaint farming and fishing community of Bokeelia, on the north end of Pine Island, we boast over 600 acres of production. In fact, we are one of the largest palm plantations in North America!

Our environmentally conscious growing process is one of our proudest accomplishments. We utilize state-of-the-art fertilization and irrigation systems to ensure that we provide you with the very best specimens. Our soil moisture monitoring systems work with these systems to prevent impurities from leaching into the groundwater and soil while simultaneously nourishing the trees.

We recycle all by-products and plant waste into mulch for use in our palm tree beds, and we never use restricted-use chemicals. This helps us improve the soil for future generations and reduces our water usage.

Palms You will Love

Palms are the signature of Florida. In fact, the Sunshine State’s tree is the Sabal Palm. There are tons of palm trees that love Florida, but there are also palms that are cold hardy enough to thrive in other moderate climates. Let us introduce you to some palms you will love:

Bottle Palm– Originally from a group of islands off of Madagascar’s eastern coast, the Mascarenes, this is a very tropical plant. Its unique trunk gives it the name Bottle Palm because is resembles a swollen globe, or bottom half of a bottle. It is very eye-catching.

The Bottle Palm isn’t cold hardy though and will show signs of injury should the temperatures drop below 32°F. If this happens, don’t mess with the fronds until winter is over, then trim them in spring. Otherwise you will be putting the newly emerging fronds at risk should there be another cold snap.

Bottle Palms are slow growing and do not generally exceed 12 feet in height. Yet, they make incredible accent pieces and entryway focal points due to their peculiar appearance.

King Alexander– The King Alexander Palm is a stately accent to any landscape. It is a noble palm that can work in groups but looks great as a centerpiece as well. The appearance of its fronds will remind you of a coconut palm while its trunk is similar to an Adonidia.

It is a highly desirable palm for USDA Zones 10B-11A and will add a tropical feel to any installation. And, it is far more cold-hardy than the other palms it resembles and is able to withstand temperatures as low as 26°F.

King Alexander Palms love to be watered and fed regularly. For limited time periods, however, they are capable of withstanding drought. If you set up a feeding and watering schedule, you will reap the rewards of faster growth.

Paurotis– This palm is actually native to South Florida though it originated in the areas of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. It is a very versatile palm and will only require moderate maintenance to become a focal point of any yard or landscape design.

These palms need room to grow. At maturity, they can reach heights of 30 feet and could have a foliage spread as wide as 15 feet. However, they do grow slowly, so don’t expect this magnificent size overnight.

Paurotis is a cold hardy palm to as low as 25°F and is salt tolerant. Its green, fan shaped leaves are silver underneath and the palm will bloom and produce fruit in late spring. The blossoms are white and extend past the leaves and the fruit is ripe when it is black in color.

As you can see, Palmco is the best option for accessing palm trees for sale in Florida. Our amazing service personnel can answer any further questions you might have when you give us a call at (239) 283-1329.