North Florida Wholesale Palm Trees and Bamboo

North Florida Wholesale Palm Trees And Bamboo

When your project design in North Florida calls for wholesale palm trees and bamboo, Palmco has the premium quality selection you need. We serve all of Florida and the contiguous United States, providing a wide variety of tropical and subtropical plants.

Palms love the Florida climate and make an impressive statement.

Small varieties with visible, attractive trunks and fluffy, full-to-the-ground palms are spectacular as backdrops or when surrounded by small or mid-size flowering shrubs. Large varieties, whether majestic or slim and willowy, make striking silhouettes in any environment.

There are also many varieties of clumping bamboo that are well-suited to the North Florida climate. They include Bambusa, a tropical and subtropical variety which is ideal for hot, southern climates yet cold hardy to about +20° F, and Dendrocalamus, a genus that includes some of the largest and most spectacular bamboos in the world.

To help you determine which plants will work best for you, the USDA Hardiness Zones are the best indicator of whether a particular plant can tolerate the North Florida winters. For more information, please visit the following region-specific pages:

Hardiness Zones 8b and 9a

Central and North Florida enjoy moderate temperatures year round due to the region’s humid subtropical climate. Between October and May, the weather is often dry, but fronts sweep through the area bringing light rainfall. The highest rainfall amounts, however, occur in the summer months.

Low winter temperatures in Tallahassee and most of the Panhandle, except Pensacola and Panama City, are the coolest part of the region, ranging from 10 to 20 °F. These temperatures fall into USDA Hardiness Zone 8b. Pensacola, Panama City, Jacksonville, Gainesville and Ocala fall into Zone 9a, with lows ranging from 20 to 30 °F.

Cold-Hardy Palms and Clumping Bamboo

Palmco grows many varieties of cold-hardy palm trees and bamboo that are ideal for North Florida. They include: