Florida Planting Zones

Florida Planting Zones

Learning about Florida planting zones, especially as they apply to palm trees, is a breeze when you have access to the experts at Palmco. With four generations of palm tree growers, our experience in this industry is second to none.

Palmco, a family owned business, is located on gorgeous Pine Island in Florida. We are home to a 600+ acre palm tree plantation, one of the largest in North America. And, our green growing techniques ensure that our palms are deeply cared for from root to frond. You can rest assured that your client’s trees will arrive to you on time and in pristine, ready-to-plant condition. Plus, we can help you pick the right trees for your USDA zone.

Florida Zones and Appropriate Trees

As a landscape designer or architect, it is essential that you recommend the right trees for your client’s location. Understanding Florida zones and appropriate trees for those zones will help you design the best layout and provide an optimal installation for your commercial and residential clientele.

Florida, from the Panhandle to the Keys, incorporates USDA Zones 8-11. Here are some examples of the palm trees we grow that will flourish in each zone:

Zone 8

Nitida (Livistonia nitida). Also known as Carnarvon Fan Palms, these are native to the Carnarvon Gorge in Australia. They are moderately salt tolerant but don’t handle drought very well. Attaining heights of 40-50 feet, with a moderate to fast rate of growth, these make an excellent specimen palm in outdoor installations.

Zone 9

High Plateau Coconut (Beccariphoenix alfredii). Hailing from Madagascar, these palms grow slowly but can reach heights of 50 feet. They are one of our newest additions and we look forward to the impact they will make on your landscapes, especially since they are highly drought tolerant and can be planted in zones 9A-11!

Zone 10

Fishtail (Caryota mitis). These palms are native to Southeast Asia and Thailand. They range in height from 18-25 feet and are increasingly being used in installations in zones 10A-11. These are clumping palms that can be used outdoors as well as indoors in atrium environments. Their unique appearance will surely garner much attention wherever they are planted.

Zone 11

Foxtail (Wodyetia bifurcata). Native to Northern Australia, they are known for their rapid growth, up to 30 feet in height, and stunning appearance. This attention-grabbing palm reflects a copper color from its leaf scars. When the mid-day sun shines on these they have an otherworldly glow.

Palmco is home to more than 30 varieties of palm trees. Our palms range from the exotic and rare to the most abundant and widely used. Every one of our plants is nurtured to grow healthy and strong so that you can provide your clients with palms that exceed their expectations.

The requirements of Florida planting zones are no problem for the palm tree experts at Palmco. We know the palms that will grow well in each area of Florida and in other regions. If you need additional help, or would like to place an order, you can call our experts at (239) 283-1329.