Palmco was established in 1984 by Mark and Ronda Dean on charming Pine Island; a sleepy fishing and farming community located off the west coast of Florida.

Eighteen miles long and two miles wide, the island is surrounded by protective turquoise waters and moderate temperatures. This fertile setting provides a long growing season that allows tropical palms to develop to their most beautiful potential.

Today, Palmco produces over 600 acres of the choicest palms, ranging from the exotic and rare to the most abundant and widely used. Every plant is nurtured to grow healthy and strong to provide the quality that our customers demand. Palmco palms can be found at many of the most prestigious locations around the world.

With Florida’s coastal estuaries under continual pressure from runoff pollution, we feel that we must do our very best to protect this island paradise. We take great pride in our “green” process of growing.

Our state of the art irrigation and fertilization systems work in conjunction with our many soil moisture monitoring stations. This ensures that our trees are spoon fed every step of the way and that valuable moisture and nutrients are contained at critical root zone levels, greatly reducing the potential for leaching of unwanted impurities into our sensitive surrounding environment.

Additionally, we do not use any restricted use chemicals at any stage of the growing process.

All plant waste and by-product material is constantly recycled into mulch. This mulch is then returned and reused on the palm tree beds. This process not only reduces off site landfill excess but also decreases our overall water usage, increases soil moisture retention, and greatly improves soil richness and fertility for many years to come. It just keeps getting better!

While our quality put Palmco on the map, it’s our customer service that keeps us there.

We work very hard at treating our customer’s right!

Our dedicated service team takes great pride in hand selecting and delivering our beautiful palms on time and in excellent condition time and time again. If you have not yet experienced the joy of your own little slice of the island life, we hope that you will soon.

We look forward to sending Palmco Quality Palms your way soon.