How Fast Does Bamboo Grow

How Fast Does Bamboo Grow

How fast does bamboo grow? Oldhamii Bamboo can grow 2 to 3 feet each day during the summer growing season, but the majority of clumping bamboos we grow at Palmco will grow 1 to 3 feet taller per year on average when provided with optimal growing conditions.
Palmco specializes in non-invasive clumping bamboos. These are some of the most impressive bamboos in the world. Our Bambusa and Dendrocalamus species of subtropical clumping bamboo are native to China, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, India, Tibet and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.  They produce new shoots in summer and fall and branch out during the winter and early spring, slowly enlarging the plant’s circumference.

About Clumping Bamboo

Bamboo is a giant woody grass, not a tree, and is the world’s fastest-growing plant.
Aside from their beauty, one of the best features of clumping bamboos is that, unlike running bamboos, they are non-invasive. They grow gradually outward from the center, and new culms grow taller and larger in diameter every year. They don’t spread horizontally beyond their assigned area and grow very much like shrubs.
In just 3 to 4 years, many clumping bamboo species will reach their full height and produce beautiful canopies that will rival any shade tree. In comparison, an oak tree can take 40 years to reach its full potential.

Palmco’s Fastest Growing Clumping Bamboos

Black Asper(Dendrocalamus asper ‘Hitam’)
If you are in Zones 9B and above, have lots of space, and need a very tall clumping bamboo, Black Asper is a great choice. This impressive giant from Indonesia can quickly reach skyscraper heights of 70 to 100 feet. It boasts the fastest growth rate of all the big bamboos and produces 6” to 10” diameter brown/black culms covered with a soft-to-the-touch velvety brown fur.  Black Asper loves warmth and humidity and is fairly tropical, withstanding temperatures down to about 27°F.
Oldhamii Bamboo(Bambusa oldhamii)
Often referred to as Giant Timber Bamboo, it is not a giant or a timber bamboo but can grow to 55 to 60 feet tall with large 4- to 5-inch diameter culms.  When grown in a shady environment, new culms are a darker green with silver powdery hue. In sunny conditions, they will have an orange hue. One of the straightest growing bamboo species, it has a fairly open growth pattern with relatively short branches. It makes a stunning hedge, screen or wind barrier. It can handle frost to 24°F and short wet and dry spells and the large canes makes lovely bamboo sounds when swaying in the wind.
Seabreeze(Bambusa malingensis)
This variety is a Palmco customer favorite. Originating in Southern China, Seabreeze Bamboo is a tough, bushy and very fast-growing variety that can reach heights up to 35 to 40 feet. It is a beautiful upright grower with many tightly spaced canes that feature a distinctive bluish-white tint in each section. Drought-tolerant, salt-tolerant, and cold-hardy down to 20°F, it’s an excellent performer in Zones 9A and up. When mature, Seabreeze forms a graceful umbrella-shaped arch and is ideal for hedges, windbreaks and privacy screens. The canes make lovely bamboo sounds when the wind blows.
Learn more from Palmco about how fast bamboo grows and discover beautiful varieties of non-invasive clumping bamboo that will enhance your next residential or commercial landscaping project. Call us at (239) 283-1329 to find out how we differ from other nurseries.