Clumping Bamboos

Bamboo is one of nature’s most beautiful and useful ornamental plants. It can be used for color, centerpieces, topiaries, shrubs, screening hedges, climbers, and even as ground cover. In 2011, after more than 25 years of growing palms, Palmco developed an interest in expanding our product line to include multiple varieties of¬†“noninvasive” clumping¬†bamboos. The result of our careful selection is the fourteen breathtaking varieties featured below.

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Alphonse Karr

Bambusa Multiplex "Alphonse Karr"

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Asian Lemon

Bambusa Eutuldoides "Viridivittata"

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Dwarf Buddha Belly

Bambusa Vulgaris "Wamin"

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Bambusa Mutabilis

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Golden Goddess

Bambusa Multiplex "Golden Goddess"

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Bambusa Textilis Gracilis

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Bambusa Oldhamii

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Bambusa Malingensis

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Timor Black

Bambusa Lako

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Tropical Blue

Bambusa Chungii

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