Where To Buy Palm Trees In Florida

Where To Buy Palm Trees In Florida

Palm trees flourish in Florida.

However, determining where to buy wholesale palm trees may be a challenge.

Palmco is Florida’s premiere purveyor of top quality palm trees.

Nestled in our own patch of paradise, we boast four generations of palm tree growers which means that we will provide you with the utmost knowledge when selecting the perfect palms for your customers.

Whether you are involved in gardening, landscaping, city planning or other architectural endeavors, palm trees will add to the décor you are trying to achieve. They provide a sense of serenity and warmth making the atmosphere they accentuate peaceful and inviting.

Palm trees are hugely versatile and can therefore be used in many different ways.

There is enough variety in appearance to utilize a single palm as a focal point or employ multiples as borders or accents. If you are looking for palms of the highest quality, Palmco should be your first and only stop.

Florida is the Perfect Place for Palms

Florida is indeed the perfect place for growing palm trees.

In fact, on our farm, we have over 40 species that are perfectly suited for Florida’s sublimely warm weather (and the variations in temperature that can occasionally occur). As one of the largest palm plantations in North America (with over 600 acres) we are in a unique position to help you create a tropical paradise wherever your work takes you.

Landscape architects love our Florida Fancy grade trees, the finest available.

They use them to accent driveways, to create privacy screens and property line seclusion.

They are also used to accentuate the height of building or to beautify the center of a circular driveway. They can be used as fountain backdrops, shading for windows and as focal points for entryways.

When considering which trees to use, we suggest the Foxtail Palm.

This is a fast growing tree that will rapidly fill your landscaping project. It thrives in full sun and can grow to about 30 feet tall. It gets its name from its fronds, which have a bushy fox tail appearance. It produces white flowers and colorful fruits.

A big difference between Palmco and other growers is our ability to provide Foxtail Palms with up to nine heads as compared to most suppliers who don’t provide more than a triple head.

Another palm for consideration is the Lady Palm as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor designs.

This is one of the shortest palms available, only reaching 7 foot in height.

The Lady Palm has a bush-like appearance and has been compared to bamboo in structure. This is probably due to the fact that multiple stalks or stems will emerge from the Lady Palm’s base. These palms are highly useful in corporate projects or small landscape settings.

They make great property hedges and privacy screens and are successful in beds and borders.

At Palmco, we pride ourselves in our growing processes which reduce water usage and recycle plant matter. We welcome all landscapers, architects and designers to tour our palm tree farm.

If you are wondering where to buy palm trees in Florida, Palmco is the answer. Give us a call to find out what sets us apart from our competitors: (855) GO-PALMCO or (239) 283-1329.