Palm Trees For Residential Communities

Palm Trees For Residential Communities

Residential communities in your area can certainly benefit from the tropical relaxation theme provided by palm trees.

At Palmco, we sell both the abundant and exotic species.

We are capable of providing cold hardy, drought tolerant trees to meet the needs of many climates, not just our Florida based locale.

With over thirty years of palm tree cultivation experience and a 600 acre palm plantation.

Palmco is the perfect choice for all your palm tree needs.

Whether you are an architect or landscaper, we can assist you in making the appropriate palm tree décor decisions.

We’d love to give you a tour of our oasis if you are ever in our area in Bokeelia on Pine Island, Florida. Otherwise, our customer service experts are available five days a week to answer all your palm tree questions.

Palms Trees for Residential Communities

Choosing the proper tree for the community you are working in is essential.

There are several species that do well as accent pieces, center focal points and entryway elements. We can help you make an educated decision and deliver beautiful trees in excellent condition no matter your location.

If the goal is a center focal point in a roundabout or circular drive, you might consider the Foxtail Palm.

Originally from Northern Australia, this foxy specimen is an excellent attention getter. It is best suited for zones 10b-11 and grows up to 30 feet high. It adapts easily and is visually stunning with an otherworldly glow in the midday sun when its leaves exude a copper shine. With self-cleaning, full and fluffy fronds, this palm is sure to please the occupants of any residential community.

On another note, if the goal is to line streets or sidewalks, the Windmill Palm is worthy of consideration.

Successful in zones 7b-10b and originally from China, this palm reaches an average height of 25 feet. As one of the most cold hardy palms available (withstanding temperatures reaching 5°F) it is a slow grower.

One word of caution; try to ensure that this palm is not located in a gusty area as it is susceptible to damage from intense winds. Nevertheless, the Windmill Palm adds elegance to any design.

Another great palm to utilize as a focal point is the Caranday Palm.

This is a considerably rarer palm than those previously mentioned. It is somewhat cold hardy and is capable of enduring temperatures as low as 20°F. Originating in Brazil and other South American locales, this tree is useful in zones 9-11 and reaches an average height of 30 feet.

With fan-shaped leaves that range in color from light blue to silver to light green, it is utilized as a means of wax production and lumber in its native region. It is a stunning palm that can be used by itself or in groups of two or three.

One final tree to consider is the cold hardy Washingtonia Palm or Mexican Fan Palm.

Suitable for zones 8b-11, this fast growing tree is extremely drought tolerant and can reach enormous heights up to 100 feet. It offers immediate gratification and a finished look for builders in residential communities and is therefore a popular palm with tropical appeal.

These are great for lining streets in areas where extreme height is not a problem.

If you have any questions about our palm trees, including which will be the best fit for residential communities, you can reach us five days a week at (855) GO-PALMCO or (239) 283-1329.