Palm Tree Varieties

Palm Tree Varieties

Understanding palm tree varieties and the USDA zones where they will grow best will help you provide your clients with the perfect palms for their commercial and residential landscapes. At Palmco, we pride ourselves on our four generations of palm growing experience.

Palmco is a family owned business with more than 600 acres of palm tree production. We are one of the largest palm plantations in North America, and our palm trees are grown using green processes. We use state of the art irrigation and fertilization systems that work in conjunction with our numerous soil moisture monitoring stations.

These systems and stations enable us to ensure that our palms are spoon fed all of the valuable moisture and nutrients at critical root zone levels while simultaneously reducing the potential for leaching of unwanted impurities. We never use restricted use chemicals, and we recycle all plant waste and by-product materials by turning it into mulch that is reused in our palm tree beds.

When it comes to knowledge about palm tree varieties, Palmco is the perfect resource!

Palm Tree Options

There are so many palm tree options available and Palmco carries more than 30 varieties ranging from rare and exotic to abundant and widely used palms. We pride ourselves in our palm tree knowledge and customer service. So, if you need some palm tree options, here are some of our favorites and their USDA zones: