Small Palm Trees For Sale

Small Palm Trees For Sale

At Palmco, we grow over 20 varieties of palms.

We grow accent trees, perfect for complementing a space, and we also offer specimen pieces, ideal for being a featured element of a garden or landscaped area.

Offering large and small palm trees for sale that will help your create a lush, beautiful landscape.

Among our offerings are trees that make big statements.

Included in that category are the Windmill palm and the Nitida palm.

The Windmill Palm – can grow as tall as 40 feet, although its typical full-grown height is around 25 feet. Slow growing, the Windmill palm’s height increases at a rate of only one foot per year.

The Nitida Palm – is taller, routinely measuring 40 to 50 feet, and unlike the Windmill palm, the Nitida palm grows very quickly.

But not all palms are large, and our palms reflect that fact.

Sometimes you don’t want something to hang over you – sometimes you don’t want something that will fill up the vertical space. Sometimes you want something smaller, more manageable.

Whether as an accent or a feature, small palms are a great choice.

Types of Small Palms

There are many varieties of small palms.

Among them are the European Fan Palm, the Bottle Palm, and the Roebelenii Palm.

The European Fan Palm – Chamaerops humilis – is native to Europe and usually reaches it’s max height at 10 feet tall. It is a hardy, slow-growing palm able to thrive in a variety of climates and environments.

The Bottle – whose Latin name is Hyophorbe lagenicaulis, typically measures 12 feet tall when full grown and is native to the Mascarenes, off the coast of Madagascar. An ideal accent palm, the Bottle palm is a great choice for landscapers and architects.

The Roebelenii – Phoenix Roebelenii – is another small palm tree, typically growing no larger than 10 feet tall. Also known as the Pygmy Date palm, this slow-growing tree is indigenous to Southeastern Asia. Very popular in the Southern United States, this palm can be seen outside of shopping centers, restaurants, and homes.

Growing and Maintaining Small Palms

There are as many ways to grow and maintain small palms as there are small palms to grow and maintain.

The European Fan Palm – for instance, is a hardy palm that can be grown in rather cold climates. The Lady palm, however, when used in colder climates, is primarily an indoor tree (since it is uncomfortable below 25 degrees Fahrenheit). The Dwarf Sugar palm has a very low salt tolerance, whereas the European Fan palm has a rather high tolerance for salt.

In general however, small palms are rather hardy, and are not terribly difficult to maintain. As with most palms, well drained, moist soil is important, and fertilization twice a year is recommended. If you take care of your small palms, they will return the favor for years to come.

Landscaping with Small Palms

Small palm trees are very popular with landscapers and architects.

They are primarily used as accent pieces, and they can be used outside of shopping centers, restaurants, homes, and offices. They are also ideal for gardens, walkways, patios, and decks.

One feature of small palms is that they are often small enough to be potted and used indoors.

In this capacity, they can be used as accent pieces in large living spaces, but they can also become features pieces, meant to draw attention to themselves. They can give indoor spaces a real sense of tropical breeze, recalling images of beaches and crashing waves.

We encourage you to consider buying one of the small palm trees we have for sale for your landscaping or design purposes.

You can visit us in person, or call to speak to one of our experts: (239) 283-1329 or (855) GOPALMCO.