Bamboo for Sale Near Me

Bamboo for Sale Near Me

Are you looking for a plant to use as a specimen piece? As screening? As a barrier to wind, sound, or line of sight? As an accent? Then perhaps you are wondering “where is bamboo for sale near me?” Clumping bamboo from Palmco is a great and versatile plant, as beautiful as it is functional, and it is extremely well-suited to use by architects, city planners, and landscapers.

What Is Clumping Bamboo?

Much of the bamboo that people are used to seeing is what is called “running” bamboo. This is different in nature, though not entirely in appearance, from the clumping bamboo that we grow at Palmco.

So, what is the difference? In botanical terms, the difference is in the way that they spread and the mechanism by which they grow. Both types of bamboo are rhizomatic, meaning that they spread by way of a network of rhizomes rather than roots.

In the case of running bamboo, the rhizomes are long—and this means that the bamboo tends to spread horizontally and rapidly. This can make the bamboo difficult to control and, at times, quite invasive.
But, in the case of clumping bamboo, the rhizomes are shorter. This means that the bamboo will grow in clumps and will not spread as quickly. It is more easily controlled and less invasive.

About Us

Palmco has been proudly growing the highest quality selection of field grown Florida Fancy (FF) palms for 30 years and added exquisite varieties of clumping bamboo to our product line in 2011. We offer 15 varieties of tropical and subtropical clumping bamboo and are one of the largest palm and bamboo plantations in North America with over 600 acres in production.

Monastery Bamboo

Perfect for tight spots, Monastery bamboo is tight-clumping and tall. It features small leaves on the top third that give it a cloud-like effect.
Its lower portion tends not to grow foliage, which makes each clump appear almost tree-like.

This is an attractive, easy to use bamboo plant. Its strong and extremely straight culms can grow to 40 feet in areas where the soil is well-drained but consistently moist. It can be used, as most bamboo can, for screening, but its tall, almost regal appearance is great for use as a centerpiece.

Angel Mist Bamboo

Angel Mist bamboo is light in color—yellow or light green—with dark green striping and a waxy powder coating. This beautiful bamboo is tall—35 feet in height—but not as tall as similar “giant” bamboos. It is easy to care for and ideal for use in urban gardens.

This giant, sometimes called Ghost Bamboo, is wonderful for garden applications where you are looking for something to catch the eye. It is commanding and attractive, and it serves both to screen an area for privacy and to draw visitors’ eyes toward its impressive size and color.

Do you want to know where bamboo is for sale near you? While there may be no large nurseries in your immediate area, Palmco’s nursery-grown bamboo can be shipped to you wherever you need it. Don’t hesitate to call and inquire. We can be reached Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, at (239) 283-1329 and will take your order and arrange your shipping in time for your next job installation.