Types of Bamboo Plants

Types of Bamboo Plants

There are many types of bamboo plants. When you need a non-invasive, fast-growing variety that will transform your client’s landscape into a tropical paradise, Palmco can help. We offer 15 spectacular varieties of clumping bamboos that range from dwarf to mid-sized to giant bamboos.

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At Palmco, we are proud of our 35 years in business. We aim to provide the very best in palm trees, clumping bamboo, and now Mast trees for your landscaping, designing, architectural, real estate development, city planning, and contracting needs.

Unlike running bamboo, which has a reputation for spreading quickly to take over a landscape, our clumping bamboos don’t need containment when planted in the ground and won’t escape from containers. They naturally grow upwards and outward from the center and, because of their slow spread rate, grow within a fairly tight, contained circle.

When provided with optimal growing conditions, clumping bamboos will grow fast and reach their mature height in as little as 4 years.

Black Asper Bamboo

This monster clumping bamboo from Indonesia is nothing short of impressive. Reaching heights of up to 100 feet, it produces 6” to 10” diameter brown/black culms covered with a soft and velvety brownish “fur” and is used both as a specimen and as timber.

Suitable for Zones 9B and above, Black Asper loves warmth and humidity but can withstand cold down to about 27°F. The fact that this bamboo is used as a timber is a testament to its mammoth size. But it is more than just large. It is also breathtaking and will surely demand attention when a specimen or even as screening.

Emerald Bamboo

Tall and elegant, Emerald bamboo is a joy to work with. It is light green with a persistent white bloom and grows to a stately height of 30 to 40 feet. It grows in a nice tight clump that is attractive and creates a dense privacy screen. It is cold-hardy down to 18°F.

A large, attractive bamboo, this is a favorite of ours. Its name inspires images of fine gemstones, and we think that this bamboo lives up to that name. Use this bamboo for screening or as a centerpiece—either way it will catch the eyes of passersby.

Golden Goddess Bamboo

Golden Goddess bamboo is easy to work with. It is sometimes called a “well-mannered” plant—quick to grow, easy to maintain, and very non-invasive. Factor in the fact that it can grow in any number of environments and climates, and you have a real winner.

It grows to about 12 feet tall with delicate leaves and densely packed ¼” diameter canes that turn golden with age and sun exposure. This is a semi-dwarf bamboo; plant 4 to 8 feet apart for a moderate-sized privacy screen that will fill in quickly. It is very hardy down to 15°F to 18°F.

At Palmco, we have all types of wholesale bamboo plants. If you are looking for bamboo to enhance your next residential or commercial landscaping project, we have exactly what you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available for your questions Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, at (239) 283-1329.