Non-Invasive Bamboo Privacy Screen

When you are looking for a privacy screen for your landscaping or architectural applications, it is important that the plant be non-invasive. You want whatever you plant to be easy to manage and not require too much upkeep. Enter clumping bamboo from Palmco! Unlike running bamboo, clumping bamboo is non-invasive and ideal for use as privacy screening.

Palmco is Florida’s premier grower of top-quality clumping bamboo. We offer 15 spectacular varieties of tropical and subtropical clumping bamboo and are one of the largest palm tree and bamboo plantations in North America.

What Is Clumping Bamboo?

Aside from their beauty, one of the best features of clumping bamboos is that, unlike running bamboos, they are non-invasive.

Much of the bamboo that people are used to seeing is what is called “running” bamboo. This is different in nature, though not entirely in appearance, from the clumping bamboo we grow at Palmco.

So, what is the difference? In botanical terms, the difference is in the way that they spread and the mechanism by which they grow. Both types of bamboo are rhizomatic, meaning that they spread by way of a network of rhizomes rather than roots. In other words, there is no single point of central division from which the growing occurs (as is the case, for instance, with a tree’s root system).

In the case of running bamboo, the rhizomes are long—and this means that the bamboo tends to spread horizontally and rapidly. This can make the bamboo difficult to control and, at times, quite invasive.

But in the case of clumping bamboo, the rhizomes are shorter. This means that the bamboo will tend to grow in clumps and will not spread as quickly. It is more easily controlled and less invasive.

What We Offer

At Palmco, we offer a variety of clumping bamboo that is ideal for privacy screening. Here are a few of those varieties:

Angel Mist: Angel Mist Bamboo, also called Ghost Bamboo, is light in color – yellow or light green – with dark green striping and a waxy powder covering. This beautiful bamboo is tall – 35 feet in height – but not as tall as other similar “giant” bamboos. It is easy to care for and ideal for use in urban gardens. This is not the tallest bamboo, but it is plenty high enough to act as great colorful screen.

Emerald: Tall and elegant, Emerald Bamboo is a joy to work with. It is light green with a persistent white plume and grows to a height of about 40 feet. This is a great one for privacy. The height of this bamboo makes it great for screening while at the same time not being too tall. As an added benefit, it is a breathtaking and beautiful plant that lives up to its name.

Golden Goddess: Golden Goddess Bamboo is well-suited to smaller lots and containers on the patio or around the pool. The semi-dwarf bamboo makes a beautiful (but not more than about 10 feet tall) privacy hedge when planted four to eight feet apart. The densely packed 1/4-inch canes are yellowish in color and have very small, delicate leaves. This bamboo is very hardy down to 15 °F and turns golden as it ages in full sun.

If you are interested in non-invasive clumping bamboo for a privacy screen in your client’s landscape, feel free to contact Palmco Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, at (239) 283-1329.