Live Bamboo for Sale Near Me

Live Bamboo for Sale Near Me

When you search for live bamboo for sale near me, your best option is Palmco, where you will discover 15 different varieties of clumping bamboo plants ready to meet all your landscaping needs.

If you are uncertain about which bamboo choices are the best options for you, we hope to provide you with a plethora of information about our non-invasive clumping bamboo varieties. This should help you make the most appropriate decision for your landscaping goals.

Clumping bamboo is an excellent ornamental option because it won’t spread more than a few inches per year. And the varieties we grow at Palmco are perfect for Florida’s tropical winters because they are cold hardy to 15-20°F.

So, even when exposed to short periods of frost, they should have little or no damage. If they stay cold too long, the culms may die back and they may lose their leaves, but the root mass will survive and send out new shoots in the spring.

Why choose clumping bamboo?