Where to Buy Bamboo Plants

Where to Buy Bamboo Plants

If you are wondering where to buy bamboo plants, consider buying from the capable nurseries at Palmco. Specializing in cold-hardy palms and clumping bamboo, we have been in business for 35 years and are ready to meet your landscaping needs.

Palmco grows the highest quality selection of field grown Florida Fancy (FF) palms and added exquisite varieties of clumping bamboo to our product line in 2011. We offer 15 varieties of tropical and subtropical clumping bamboo and are one of the largest palm tree and bamboo plantations in North America with over 600 acres in production.

Using Bamboo in Landscaping

Clumping bamboo can be used in landscaping in many different ways, such as:

  • Dramatic focal pieces
  • Privacy screens
  • Living fences
  • Hedges
  • Driveway plantings
  • Noise barriers
  • Windbreaks
  • Storm barriers
  • Backdrops for other tropical plants

Speaking purely aesthetically, clumping bamboo can be a great addition to a landscape. When used as a centerpiece, it can serve a similar structural purpose as a small tree. But its dense lines and beautiful colors make it a great alternative to more common plants.

Another way to use bamboo ornamentally is to have it surround a larger, more pronounced centerpiece. This is especially useful in large urban or suburban gardens, sprawling estates, and large front lawns on corporate properties.

But bamboo isn’t all aesthetics. It is particularly useful as screening. Rows of tall, dense clumping bamboo are structurally similar to fencing, only they are far more beautiful.

Varieties of Clumping Bamboo

At Palmco, we offer 15 varieties of clumping bamboo. Here are just a few of them:

Emerald Bamboo is tall and gorgeous. Like the stone, it is a beautiful, elegant, light green and has a persistent white bloom, which adds to its elegance. It grows in a nice tight clump to a stately 30 to 40 feet, creating a dense privacy screen.

Oldhamii Bamboo
This clumping bamboo is tolerant of a variety of climates and can handle temperatures down to 20°F as well as short wet and dry spells. It can grow 50 to 60 feet tall with large 4- to 5-inch diameter culms. Oldhamii Bamboo is one of the most attractive and economical screening and wind barrier varieties. It also makes peaceful “bamboo sounds” when swaying in the wind.

Tropical Blue Bamboo
This popular medium-tight clumper has light green leaves and nicely spaced thin-walled culms that develop a stunning powder-like, soft, light blue hue. It needs a little more room than a tight clumping variety. At a maximum height of about 35 feet with 3-inch diameter culms, Tropical Blue Bamboo is appropriate as an ornamental or as a dense privacy hedge.

Palmco grows only the non-invasive clumping varieties of bamboo. Unlike running bamboo, which has a reputation for spreading quickly to take over a landscape, our clumping bamboos don’t need containment when planted in the ground and won’t escape from containers.

If you were wondering where to buy wholesale bamboo plants, then hopefully you’ve discovered that Palmco is the answer! We can beautify your residential or commercial landscaping projects with both containerized clumping bamboos and custom-dig plants. Feel free to contact us for more information on Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, at (239) 283-1329.