Bamboo Florida

Bamboo Florida

Are you a developer or landscaper in Florida looking for a great plant to act as an accent, a screen, or a specimen? If so, then you may want to have a look at Palmco’s selection of bamboo.

About Us

Palmco is Florida’s premier grower of top-quality non-invasive clumping bamboo. We are one of the largest palm and bamboo plantations in North America and offer breathtaking tropical and subtropical bamboo to customers across the Southeastern United States. Our clumping bamboos will help you create privacy and beauty within a few growing seasons.

Why Choose Bamboo?

Bamboo is a giant woody grass, not a tree, and is the world’s fastest-growing plant. Some varieties are known to grow up to two inches per hour in optimal weather! Bamboo can grow everywhere except Antarctica and survive in a wide range of climate conditions. Some dwarf species of bamboo are small and decorative, while others are tall and thick, spreading quickly to create nearly impassable barriers.

There are two broad categories of bamboo – the running and clumping varieties – but Palmco grows only clumping bamboo. The Bambusa variety is ideal for warm, southern climates yet cold-hardy to about +20° F and the Dendrocalamus variety includes some of the tallest, most impressive bamboos in the world. As a landscaping material, clumping bamboo has a myriad of uses, such as: