Bamboo Nursery Florida

Bamboo Nursery Florida

Boasting 600-plus acres in Bokeelia, Florida on beautiful Pine Island, Palmco’s palm and bamboo nursery is one of the largest in North America. In addition to our tropical and cold-hardy palms, we grow 15 wonderful species of non-invasive clumping bamboo that are well-suited to the Florida climate.

Clumping species of bamboos grow gradually with new canes growing taller and getting larger in diameter each year. Unlike running bamboo, the clumping varieties do not send underground shoots far away from the main plant and grow very much like shrubs. Clumping bamboos are ideal as hedge and screening plants, and can add unique texture and year-round evergreen appeal to any landscape.

How to Use Bamboo in Your Landscape

  • Privacy Screens: This is the most common use for clumping bamboo in the U.S. Bamboo is relatively inexpensive, fast-growing screen from six feet to more than 60 feet, and can be used as a barrier in just about any setting.
  • Hedges: In a more formal landscape, most tall clumping bamboos can be pruned and shaped several times a year to maintain the form you want. If you want a taller hedge, it usually won’t take more than one or two growing seasons to achieve it.
  • Windbreaks: Bamboo weathers storms nicely and won’t blow down in strong winds. It is also lightweight and hollow; if canes do snap, they are unlikely to do as much damage as downed trees.
  • Specimens: Add tropical beauty and create visual impact in any landscape with a beautiful bamboo. They are stunning on patios and around pools and look spectacular when combined with palm trees and other tropicals.

Here are a few descriptions of our clumping bamboo:

Dwarf Buddha Belly (Bambusa vulgaris ‘Wamin’)

This clumping bamboo features unusual bulges (“bellies”) on each culm’s internodes that make it a real attention-getter. Fortunately, it produces the most consistent bellies in warm, humid climates like Florida’s. Dwarf Buddha Belly grows to a height of 12 to 15 feet and its culms can grow up to 4-inches in diameter. The Dwarf Buddha Belly is a tropical bamboo and can handle temperatures down to the 30 degree Fahrenheit range.

Golden Hawaiian (Bambusa vulgaris ‘Vittata’)

Sometimes called Hawaiian Gold Timber Bamboo or Painted Bamboo, this beauty is one of the most cultivated ornamental bamboos in the tropical world. It has vivid yellow canes with random green stripes that resemble drip marks. Easily propagated, it grows to a typical height of 35 to 50 feet within a few years with mature culm diameters up to 4 inches. Golden Hawaiian bamboo is well-suited to hedges and windbreaks as well as for erosion control on slopes or riverbeds. The Golden Hawaiian is a tropical bamboo and can handle temperatures down to the 30 degree Fahrenheit range.

Graceful (Bambusa textilis gracilis)

As the name suggests, this Chinese variety, also called Slender Weavers, is the most graceful of all bamboos. It has few lower branches, so its attractive 1-inch diameter canes can be easily seen without having to prune the plant. Graceful Bamboos have an upright growth pattern and are very easily maintained. Growing to a typical height of 25 feet, they are very hardy and will fit nicely in any city or county landscape, including small, narrow yards. The Graceful Bamboo is very hardy and can handle temperatures down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

To identify which clumping bamboo variety will work best in your landscaping project, we invite you to tour our bamboo nursery in Bokeelia, Florida to see them for yourself. Palmco produces only the healthiest, strongest palms and bamboos for the wholesale market, nurturing each plant in our moderately warm, fertile environment. Call us today at (239) 283-1329 or (855) GOPALMCO.