Nestled on a pristine stretch of land less than a stone’s throw away from breaking waves, Palmco has created a little patch of paradise. The land is lush, green tropical plants, it takes strong roots to become Florida’s premier grower of top quality palms. Palmco is proud to draw on the experience of four generations of Florida growers to bring our customers the best palms money can buy and the service to match.

See For Yourself

It takes strong roots to become Florida’s premier grower of quality palms.

Palmco is devoted to maintaining the highest standards of production quality in each and every step of our growing process. For example, we guarantee each coconut palm is grown from seed certified by the Jamaican Coconut Industry Board.

Our commitment to quality and customer service is greatly appreciated by the landscaping industry as we cope with the fluctuating demands placed on us by and every changing economy.

Years of hard work and generations of experience have made Palmco a leader in the palm industry. Visit us for a tour and experience a part of Florida only few have seen. Palmco is Florida’s premier grower of quality palms.

Dig Today, Deliver Tomorrow

While the quality of our palms put Palmco on the map, it’s our customer service that keeps us there. We work hard at treating our customers right. Our dedicated staff takes great pride in delivering our palms on-time, in excellent condition, and ready to plant.

Through the years, we have responded to our customer’s needs, investing in the latest equipment, developing expertise and creating the delivery systems that enable us to dig today and deliver tomorrow. As a result, Palmco’s dedication to quality service is recognized throughout the industry.

Availability Is Our Middle Name

Palmco’s commitment to quality and excellence extends for years to come. Boasting over 600 acres in production, Palmco is one of the largest palm plantations in North America.

With state-of-the-art, fully automated irrigation systems and extensive nutritional programs Palmco continues to prepare for the future.

Meet Our Founder

Mark Dean founded Palmco in 1984, with his wife Ronda. Together, the Dean family has worked to build Palmco. In 2004 Mark and Ronda had a son named Bryce, and Mark enjoys spending time with his young family and making trips to Cayo Costa.