Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm Tree Maintenance

As a landscape designer, landscaper, or architect, you have probably had to learn a good deal about palm tree maintenance. Or, perhaps you are new to palm trees and have arrived at Palmco’s site for help with this topic. Our experts have more than 30 years in this industry and can have you well on your way to an in-depth palm tree education.

Palmco is a family-owned business located on 600+ acres in gorgeous Pine Island, Florida. We are one of the largest palm plantations in the country, and we pride ourselves on our expertise and exceptional customer service. When you order your palms from us, you can rest assured that they will arrive on-time and in optimum condition for planting.

Maintaining Palm Trees

With nearly 3,000 palm tree species in the world, the concept of maintaining them might seem a little overwhelming. Palm trees, on the whole, require special care when it comes to their root balls. They don’t branch out like other trees do and won’t increase in size as the tree grows.

Here are the most common areas to consider when it comes to maintaining palm trees: