Buy Buddha Belly Bamboo

Buy Buddha Belly Bamboo

Trying to figure out where to buy buddha belly bamboo? Look no further than Palmco! We are the largest palm and bamboo plantation in North America. With over 600 acres in the midst of our own tropical paradise in Florida, you are sure to find the bamboo and palms you need.

Established in 1984, on Pine Island, Palmco’s bamboo plants and palms range from the rare and exotic to those that are the most widely and abundantly used. Additionally, we employ a state-of-the-art irrigation system that works alongside our soil moisture monitoring stations. This ensures that our plants and trees are spoon fed, keeping moisture and nutrients at optimal levels while reducing leaching of unwanted impurities into the environment.

When you buy palms or bamboo from us you can rest assured that they have not been treated with restricted-use chemicals and that we take pride in our “green” growing processes. Your plants and palms will be in optimal health when they arrive at your job site, on time!

What You Need to Know about Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo

Surely you are familiar with Buddha, the spiritualist from whence the Dwarf Buddha Belly draws its name. If so, it should come as no surprise that these bamboos have an extended belly appearance.

The Dwarf Buddha Belly, or Bambusa vulgaris ‘Wamin’, originates from Burma and can reach 15 feet in height. While that doesn’t seem much like a dwarf size, this is actually one of the smaller bamboo varieties. It is fast growing, reaching maturity in about three years, and can handle temperatures as low as 28-30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The “belly” part of the bamboo occurs at its internodes on the 3-inch knotted culms. The inflated internodes give it a bizarre appearance and make it one of the best choices for specimen installations. Its unique look is a great centerpiece and conversation starter.

Thankfully, the Dwarf Buddha Belly is also one of the easiest bamboos to grow and maintain. It’s compact and unusual, is commonly found in tropical regions, and does quite well in USDA Zones 8 to 10, particularly in Florida and Southern California. However, if temperatures drop to 27 degrees Fahrenheit, there is the potential for damage to both canes or culms. But that damage won’t ruin the roots, so when warmer weather returns you will find new taller and thicker shoots appearing.

Planting in the spring is your best option because it gives the Dwarf Buddha Belly enough time to establish its root system before cooler weather returns. This bamboo variety makes an excellent addition to any landscape, and its beautiful green foliage is sure to draw attention.

You can buy Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo at Palmco where you can be certain that you will receive top-quality plants, ready to install, and delivered on time. To place your next order, give us a call today at (239) 283-1329.