Central Florida Wholesale Palm Trees And Bamboo

Central Florida Wholesale Palm Trees And Bamboo

Many varieties of palms and bamboo love the Florida climate.

If you are looking for Central Florida wholesale palm trees and bamboo, Palmco can help you make an impressive statement in your landscape with varieties that are well-suited to USDA Zone 9b.

Palmco grows dozens of varieties of top quality tropical and cold-hardy palms and clumping bamboo, and we have 600+ acres under cultivation.

We nurture every plant in our warm, fertile environment, giving it ample space to grow and proper nutrition. When it’s time to dig your trees for pick-up or delivery, our digging and strapping techniques leave no scarring or trauma to the palm.

Central Florida encompasses the eastern coastal cities of Daytona Beach, Titusville, and Melbourne; the interior around Orlando, Kissimmee, Sanford and Lakeland; and stretches westward to the Gulf Coast cities of Clearwater, Largo, St. Petersburg and Tampa.

Summers in this region are hot and humid, while winters are generally dry and mild.

There is always a threat of a light winter freeze from November through March caused by occasional cold fronts from the north. Hard freezes (below 28 °F) happen rarely, so most of this area falls within USDA Zone 9b. However, the southern part of Tampa is listed in USDA Zone 10a, putting it at the northern limit of where coconut palms and royal palms can be grown, although some specimens do grow in northern Tampa.

Central Florida is an excellent area for growing many varieties of palm trees and clumping bamboo, but it’s crucial to know which palms will withstand the coldest weather in your area. As one of the largest palm tree and bamboo plantations in Florida, we are always available to help you determine which plants will work best for you.

To help you determine which plants will work best for you, the USDA Hardiness Zones are the best indicator of whether a particular plant can tolerate the Central Florida winters. For more information, please visit the following region-specific pages:

Palm Trees Suitable for USDA Zone 9b