Affordable Seasonal Palms

Affordable Seasonal Palms

Seasons change and so must the décor.

It is often challenging to find the most affordable seasonal palms, particularly if you live in a non-traditional climate.

Thankfully, Palmco’s Florida-based palm plantation, one of the largest in the continental United States (at 600 acres), is prepared to meet your needs with both traditional tropical palms and those that are cold hardy.

We grow over 20 species of palms including exotic and rare varieties.

If you’re still not sold on palms, or you are uncertain about how they can benefit your seasonal designs, our team of experts with over thirty years of experience is prepared to help you.

We can be reached five days a week at the number located below, or feel free to stop by and take a tour when you are in the Pine Island, Florida area.

The Best Seasonal Palms

When considering which palms to utilize in your rotating seasonal décor, you may be looking for those that are well suited to container growth. We have several species that can meet your needs.

Additionally, you might be contemplating placing them in an area that is colder than a typical palm endures; no worries, we can assist you with some recommendations there as well.

For instance, consider the Phoenix roebelenii, also known as the Pygmy Date Palm.

This species is capable of tolerating temperatures as low as 15°F and is mostly pest resistant. It’s one of our smaller palms, reaching an average height of only 10 feet. This palm does well in a container and makes an excellent addition to an entryway.

Another excellent choice is the Fishtail Palm.

These are phenomenal palms with unique bipinnate leaf structures that give their fronds a distinctive fishtail appearance.

While these palms have the potential to grow to 25 feet in height, they could serve dual purposes for your clientele as a seasonal specimen when small, then a permanent addition elsewhere when the season ends. The Fishtail is considered a clumping palm and produces brightly colored seeds during the summer months.

If you are in search of a more cold hardy plant, you might consider the Lady Palm which is capable of enduring 25°F temperatures without damage. This is a particularly small tree with an average height of 7 feet. As an accent piece, it will add desirable and lush texture to entryways, sidewalks and foyers.

It is suitable for zones 9a-11.

Perhaps your client is looking for a palm with special features. If that’s the case, we recommend the Pindo Palm, also known as the Jelly Palm.

Its fruit has been compared to a banana/pineapple cross and is supposedly a tremendous base for fabulous jelly (thus its name). It is especially cold hardy as well, down to 5°F, and is good for zones 8a-10b! This plant is wind resistant and we recommend that you think about where you locate it as the fruit can be particularly messy when it falls.

We Can Help

At Palmco, we know palms.

We can answer all of your questions about affordable seasonal palms and deliver the best specimens available. Additionally, we will provide you with photos of the exact trees that you order so that you can see what you are getting.

If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, please call us at (855) GO-PALMCO or (239) 283-1329.