Wholesale Bamboo Plants

Wholesale Bamboo Plants

The best way to find wholesale bamboo plants to meet your landscaping design requirements is to talk to the experts at Palmco.

Established 30 years ago on Pine Island, Florida, we have 600-plus acres planted in the choicest palms and bamboos, including exotic and rare varieties.

Our clumping bamboos will help you create privacy and beauty within a few growing seasons.

Apart from their beauty, one of their best features is that they are non-invasive.

They don’t spread out horizontally more than a few inches each year, making them the ideal low-maintenance alternative to larger, more aggressive, running bamboos.

Here are just a few examples of our most colorful clumping bamboo varieties that will create stunning privacy screens and dazzling focal-point plantings in your landscape.

Alphonse Karr Bamboo

If you want to give your landscape a golden glow, this dense Chinese beauty, sometimes called Golden Hedge Bamboo, fits the part.

Bambusa multiplex ‘Alphonse Karr’ grows to 20 to 25 feet with 1” diameter canes that are bright yellow with vertical dark green stripes. New shoots and culms often have a pinkish hue.? Its striking colors make it a spectacular hedge or centerpiece planting. Alphonse Karr Bamboo has low water requirements. Once established, it can tolerate cold weather as low as 12°F to 18°F.

Asian Lemon Bamboo

This stunning bamboo, which is prized as an ornamental in its native China, will give your landscape eye-catching color.

Lemon yellow culms are accented by occasional green stripes and dark green leaves, and new culms have pink and peach tones. Bambusa eutuldoides ‘Viridivittata’ has an upright form and will grow to 25 feet with 1” diameter culms, making it an ideal height for a privacy hedge. It’s moderately hardy and frost tolerant to about 21°F. Give it several hours per day of full sunlight and plenty of mulch and moisture for the best growth.

Golden Hawaiian Bamboo 

Often called Hawaiian Gold Timber Bamboo or Painted Bamboo, the extremely beautiful Bambusa vulgaris ‘Vittata’ features bright yellow culms with random green vertical stripes that resemble green enamel paint and makes a stunning focal-point planting. It’s capable of growing to a height of 30 to 50 feet within three years and has 4” diameter culms. Because it’s easy to propagate, this is the most common ornamental bamboo planted in the tropics.

Golden Hawaiian Bamboo is cold-sensitive and susceptible to frost damage at 27° to 30°F, but the roots won’t be damaged.

Tropical Blue Bamboo – This is a popular clumper from China that features light green leaves and nicely spaced thin-walled culms with a mystical pale blue powdery bloom.

Bambusa chungii is sometimes called Blue Timber Bamboo or White Bamboo. Its 35 foot height and 3” diameter canes grow upright and will create a dense privacy hedge. Very hardy to 21°F, the colors of Tropical Blue Bamboo contrast nicely with the dark green culms of Seabreeze Bamboo or Oldhamii Bamboo and the bright yellow culms of Asian Lemon and Golden Hawaiian Bamboo.

Use clumping bamboo to delineate separate spaces on a large property.

Build a bamboo wall between a swimming pool and playground. Use it to screen off garages or to block an objectionable view. Some varieties make excellent container plants for patios and poolside planting, while tall, erect varieties are beautiful as driveway and avenue plantings.

If you’re designing a brand new project or adding a touch of the tropics to an existing landscape, Palmco offers 14 stunning species of wholesale clumping bamboo plants that will meet any specification.

Call us today at (239) 283-1329 or (855) GOPALMCO to find out more about our strong, healthy bamboos and Florida Fancy (FF) palm trees.