Live Clumping (Non-Invasive) Bamboo for Sale

Live Clumping (Non-Invasive) Bamboo for Sale

End your search for live clumping (non-invasive) bamboo for sale at Palmco. We’ve been growing and delivering bamboo and palm trees since 1984. And, with over 600 acres of land, we can provide you with the best clumping bamboos to suit your clients’ needs.

Facts About Clumping Bamboo

Beyond their significant beauty is the fact that clumping bamboos are not invasive. This is because they grow from the center outward. The new culms grow larger in diameter and height each year. This type of growth keeps them from spreading horizontally and makes them an excellent alternative to more aggressive running bamboos.

Our Favorite Clumping Bamboos

Palmco grows 15 incredible varieties of clumping bamboo that are well suited for Florida’s climate. There are the Bambusa which are subtropical and tropical bamboo that are cold hardy to about 20°F, and there is the Dendrocalamus genus which includes some of the most spectacular and largest bamboos in the world.

Here are a few of our favorite clumping bamboos: