Areca Palms for Privacy

Areca Palms for Privacy

Perhaps you are a professional landscaper. Perhaps you are a landscape designer. In any case, you may be in need of landscaping plants. If you are, then you know that one of the principle issues in landscaping is privacy. It is about getting it for your clients when they want it and not giving too much of it when they don’t. And there is nothing that does privacy better than Areca Palms from Palmco.

Palmco serves all of Florida and the contiguous U.S., growing a wide variety of wholesale palms and clumping bamboos with different heights, shapes, textures and even colors. We are a leading supplier of field-grown Areca Palms in a variety of sizes.

Using Palms in Landscaping

You could use some shrubs, some bushes, some ordinary trees. They would act as screening. And they would be aesthetically similar to every other landscaped property. That is not something most clients want.

The beauty of palms is that they are both functional and aesthetic. They work exceptionally well for creating privacy, but they are also quite beautiful. They are both statement specimens and privacy barriers at the same time. And that makes them special.

You can use palms to create an atmosphere, to define a space, to accent, to draw attention, and to add privacy. Or, you can do all of those things at one time!

What Is an Areca Palm?

Areca Palms are hardy, medium-height palms that live in warm areas. They are best suited for Zones 10A-11, which makes them perfect for places such as South Florida, where they are ubiquitous.

Sometimes referred to as the Yellow Butterfly Palm, the Cane Palm, or the Feather Palm, the Areca is a dramatic clustering palm that has many trunks that spring up from the base of the plant. It has long feathery fronds that give it a lush, full look, and it reminds onlookers of the classic Florida palm tree.

These palms have a high drought tolerance, and they grow to around 20 feet tall, which is plenty tall for the purpose of adding privacy.

Why Are Palms Ideal for Privacy?

Palms are ideal for privacy because they are tall and, in most cases, have dense leaves. There are even palms, such as the Areca palm, that have leaves low on the trunk, which adds to their screening ability.

But a palm is more than just a barrier. A fence can draw a line. A wall can block vision. A palm can do both of these things while also commanding attention and setting a mood—and that is its strength; that is why it is an ideal plant to use for privacy. It does it all.

Specimen, Screening, Or Both?

When you are talking about landscaping applications for a plant, it is often the case that you are either using a plant to draw attention or you are using it to define some kind of line (or block, screen, or limit vision).

Flowers, for instance, draw attention. Shrubs define a line. Some trees are centerpieces, others are used to block prying eyes. But the Areca palm does all of these things at once. That is perhaps its strength.

If you want a palm for privacy but also want to make a statement in your client’s landscape, you don’t have to look any further than Areca palms from Palmco. Don’t hesitate to contact us from Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, at (239) 283-1329 for more information.