Clumping Bamboo for Sale Near Me

Clumping Bamboo for Sale Near Me

Looking for clumping bamboo for sale near me? If you are, we are certain you will appreciate Palmco’s wonderful selection of wholesale clumping bamboo.

About Palmco

Palmco is Florida’s premier grower of top-quality clumping bamboo, which is non-invasive. We are one of the largest North American bamboo and palm plantations offering incredible subtropical and tropical bamboos to customers across the Southeastern United States. Within just a few growing seasons our bamboos will help you create beauty and privacy.

Benefits of Clumping Bamboo

Because bamboo is an attractive plant, people utilize it to add color to their landscapes. And, when taken care of properly, it can also add a sense of form to your design. Of course, there are other benefits of clumping bamboo. They are: