Clumping Bamboo Privacy Hedge

Clumping Bamboo Privacy Hedge

If you are looking for a privacy hedge for your landscaping or architectural project, then look no further than clumping bamboo. This beautiful and versatile plant is useful in a number of ways, but one of the best applications for it is in the service of privacy.


At Palmco, we are proud of our 35 years of business as one of the largest palm and clumping bamboo plantations in North America. We always aim to provide the very best in palm trees, clumping bamboo, and now Mast trees for your landscaping, architectural, and contracting needs. We invite you to contact us with any questions—we think you will be pleased with the beautiful, healthy plants we have to offer.

How To Use Clumping Bamboo

One of the primary reasons people plant bamboo is that it is an attractive plant. This means that it can be used very effectively as an ornamental addition, such as for centerpieces. It is great as a way to get a little color into a landscape, and provides a great sense of form when taken care of properly.

But there are other uses for clumping bamboo as well. It can be used as ground cover, for instance—and in this it excels. It also is a great screener and can be used to divide a property. In this case, it acts as a fence, so to speak, only it is a living, growing fence that doubles as a beautiful landscaping piece.

Angel Mist

Angel Mist bamboo is light in color—yellow or light green—with dark green striping and a waxy powder coating. This beautiful bamboo is tall—35 feet in height—but not as tall as similar “giant” bamboos. It is easy to care for and ideal for use in urban gardens.

This giant, sometimes called Ghost Bamboo, is wonderful for garden applications where you are looking for something to catch the eye. It is commanding and attractive, and it serves both to screen an area for privacy and to draw visitors’ eyes toward its impressive size and color.

Emerald Bamboo

Tall and elegant, Emerald bamboo is a joy to work with. It is light green with a persistent white bloom and grows to a stately height of 30 to 40 feet. It grows in a nice tight clump that is attractive and creates a dense privacy screen. It is cold-hardy down to 18°F.

A large, attractive bamboo, this is a favorite of ours. Its name inspires images of fine gemstones, and we think that this bamboo lives up to that name. Use this bamboo for screening or as a centerpiece—either way it will catch the eyes of passersby.

Graceful Bamboo

This beautiful plant looks like its name implies—it is moderately tall, slender and erect, and very quick to grow. Also known as Slender Weavers Bamboo, Graceful bamboo is the most graceful and lush of all bamboos.

Mature plants are branchless on the lower third of the culms, enabling you to see the attractive 1” diameter canes without having to prune the plant. Graceful Bamboos have an upright growth pattern and are very well-behaved, making them ideal for narrow spaces and smaller yards. They are very cold hardy to about 15°F and grow to 20 to 25 feet.

Clumping bamboo makes a great privacy hedge precisely because it acts in a similar way to other hedges; it clumps together to form dense thickets. If this interests you, call Palmco from Monday through Friday at (239) 283-1329 to get started.