Florida Palm Trees

Florida Palm Trees

Florida is known for its palm trees and Palmco is valued for its position as one of Florida’s premier palm tree purveyors. With 30+ years of experience and a 600 acre palm plantation, Palmco is one of the nation’s largest palm growers.

We have carved our own piece of paradise in Bokeelia on Pine Island.

It is a fertile setting that allows palms to reach their full potential.

This amazing piece of land allows Palmco to grow widely used species as well as those that are more exotic and rare. Our products are primed for the residential and commercial market.

Palms That Love Florida

Let us introduce you to the Bottle Palm.

This is a very tropical plant originating from the Mascarenes, a group of islands off of Madagascar’s eastern coast. The Bottle Palm’s unique trunk, which resembles a swollen globe, is very eye-catching.

It is not cold tolerant and will show signs of injury on its fronds when the temperature drops to 32°F. If this occurs, just leave the fronds alone until the end of winter and then trim them in the spring. Otherwise you will endanger the emerging fronds in the event there’s another cold snap.

This is a slow growing palm that will not grow beyond 12 feet tall. It is an incredible accent piece or entryway focal point due to its peculiar appearance.

Another rare palm to consider is the Caranday Palm, or Wax Palm.

Originally grown in Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil, it has uniquely colored leaves ranging from light blue to silver to light green. This palm serves a useful purpose because its leaves produce a wax that is used to make lipstick, candles and even some car polishes.

Additionally, its trunk is so hard that it has been used in fences, floors, walls and even telephone poles. It is a slow grower that can reach 40 feet high and has sharp spines, so be careful when working with this extraordinary specimen.

It is growing in popularity and makes a great focal point as a standalone or can be grouped together as an accent element.

Finally, consider the gorgeous, yet unusual Phoenix reclinata.

This is also known as the Reclinata Palm and the Senegal Date Palm. It is an amazing addition to parks, campuses and other large properties. The stems curve gracefully, which makes it a breathtaking inclusion in your landscape designs. If you are looking for an even more dramatic effect, spotlights can be added to show off this multi-stemmed arrangement.

While the Reclinata is native to tropical Africa, it is known to be cold hardy down to 25°F. It likes sunny places, well drained soils and is drought tolerant. The Reclinata produces edible fruit, buds and hearts. Additionally, its fiber is used for mats, string, roofing material, baskets and rope.

Palms are the signature of the Sunshine State.

In fact, the state tree is the Sabal Palm.

Florida is one of the best climates for growing and harvesting excellent palm tree specimens. With four generations worth of experience, we do our best to raise and maintain the most beautiful palms.

Palmco’s customer service personnel are ready and willing to answer any palm tree questions you might have about our Florida palm trees. We invite all landscapers, designers and architectural stylists to tour our immense palm plantation.

Please give us a call at (855) GO-PALMCO or (239) 283-1329.