Windmill Palm Trees For Sale

Windmill Palm Trees For Sale

At Palmco, we are proud to be recognized as one of of the top premier grower and wholesale sellers of Florida Fancy (FF) grade palms.

Our palm nursery is located on beautiful Pine Island, just off the coast of Florida, where we put the experience of four generations of growers to work growing the highest quality palm trees available.

You’ll find Windmill Palm trees for sale as well as more than 20 other palm varieties.

Among those varieties are the Areca palm and the Mule palm.

The Areca Palm – whose Latin name is Dypsis lutescens, stands roughly 20 feet tall and is wildly popular in south Florida. It is a fruit-bearing palm, and its fruits are edible and make a great snack.

The Mule PalmxButiagrus nabonnandii – is a slow-growing, distinctive tree of extremely high quality. Great as a landscape accent that is sure to set you apart from the crowd, the Mule palm is in fact a sterile tree, requiring human intervention to reproduce.

Windmill Palms

Another popular palm variety that we grow and sell at Palmco is the Windmill Palm.

The Windmill palm tree, whose Latin name is Trachycarpus Fortunei, is a tall, slow-growing, palm that originated in China.

This hardy variety has been known to grow as tall as 40 feet (although they generally stop growing at 25 feet). A popular tree throughout the world, the Windmill palm can be seen in many patios, gardens, and parks.

While the Windmill palm is a slow grower – growing at only one foot per year – it is remarkably hardy, and can be seen as far north as Canada.

Growing and Maintaining Windmill Palms

The Windmill palm grows well in warm climates, but is also tolerant of cold winters. For that reason, it can be grown in a variety of climates.

Its hardiness makes it relatively easy to grow, and since its branches don’t droop, it does not generally require pruning maintenance. There are, however, things that need to be kept in mind when growing and maintaining a Windmill palm.

Windmill palm trees are susceptible to over-watering.

It is essential that their soil be well-drained. Without proper drainage, Windmill palms can experience root rot, which leaves them open to potentially fatal diseases and pests.

But very dry soil is capable of stunting the already slow growth of Windmill palms. It is important for their soil to be wet enough to sustain them. It just needs to be very well drained.

In addition to monitoring the moisture level in the Windmill palm’s soil, it is important to pay attention to the richness and fertility of the soil. It requires fertile soil, and for that reason it is recommended that a slow-release fertilizer be used twice a year.

Landscaping with Windmill Palms

Landscapers, architects, and gardeners all make great use of the Windmill Palm as both an accent and a feature.

In parks, along walkways, outside of homes, along bucolic streets – in all of these settings, in multiple climates, the Windmill palm is an excellent accent tree.

Adding a charming tropical aesthetic wherever it is planted.

Windmill palms, however, are large enough, and make enough of a statement, that they can be placed in the forefront rather than used as an accent, featured rather than set in the background. In parks, and especially in some gardens, full-grown, healthy Windmill palms will invite attention, and they will reward that attention with impressive beauty.

We at Palmco invite you to take some time to speak to one of our experts about Windmill Palm trees and the many other varieties we have for sale.

You can visit us in person or call us at: (239) 283-1329 or (855) GOPALMCO.