Daytona Beach Wholesale Bamboo

Trying to locate wholesale bamboo in Daytona Beach?

Palmco is your source!

Palmco is one of the top providers of wholesale bamboo in Florida. We grow cold hardy bamboo for the wholesale market in Daytona Beach. Who is the wholesale bamboo market in Daytona Beach? These are the landscapers and landscape architects.

We supply Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas of Port Orange, Deltona, Ormond Beach and New Smyrna Beach.

Growing and selling only noninvasive clumping varieties has allowed us numerous opportunities to educate our customers and the public regarding the differences between clumping bamboo and the other groupings of bamboo. Aside from its reputation as a tree and its use in building and the textile industry, bamboo is actually a “woody grass”!

Our newest offering in the Daytona Beach and surrounding areas is our Asian Lemon. Its culms are bright yellow with green accent stripes and the leaves are a pleasant dark green.

Asian Lemon is ideal for screening as it is full almost all of the way to the ground when it is not trimmed up. Trimming from the bottom to the top will expose the vibrant yellow culms and their dynamic green stripes.

The Asian Lemon screens up to 25 feet at its max height. If you are looking for a taller screen, we have other cold hardy bamboo plants for sale in Daytona Beach that screen up to 60 feet.

Not only does it screen visually it also filters sound and sequesters more carbon from our atmosphere than any other plant on the planet is another desirable attribute.

Palmco’s team has the insight and well stocked inventories to handle any size project. Before you buy wholesale bamboo plants use the search window to view our website and find out more about the various wholesale bamboos we grow.

Our well-informed associates are available to answer your questions daily. Call today at (239) 283-1329 for more information about our services.