Largo Bamboo Wholesale

Largo Bamboo Wholesale

Bamboo can create privacy and beauty in just a few growing seasons.

At Palmco, we grow only the cold-hardy clumping varieties of bamboo, including the Bambusa and Dendrocalamus varieties, which are perfectly suited to Florida’s climate and are some of the most impressive bamboos in the world.

We look forward to assisting you in selecting Largo bamboo wholesale plants to beautify your landscape.

With over 600 acres in production, we are one of North America’s premier providers of palm trees and bamboo.

We serve Largo and the surrounding cities, such as Safety Harbor, Clearwater, Dunedin, Seminole, Indian Shores and Pinellas Park, as well as customers in the contiguous U.S. and abroad.

Aside from their beauty, one of the best features of clumping bamboos is that they are non-invasive.

They grow gradually outward from the center, and new culms grow taller and larger in diameter every year. They don’t spread horizontally beyond their assigned area, making them the ideal low-maintenance alternative to larger, more aggressive, running bamboos.

Clumping bamboos give you quick, manageable results for privacy screens, hedges and focal-point plantings. 

Here is a small selection of the 16 clumping bamboo varieties available from Palmco:

Asian Lemon Bamboo (Bambusa eutuldoides ‘Viridivittata’)

This stunning Chinese bamboo has eye-catching color with bright yellow culms accented by occasional green stripes and dark green leaves. New culms have pink and peach tones, making this a desirable, colorful ornamental. Asian Lemon will grow to 25 feet with 1-inch diameter culms. It is moderately hardy and frost tolerant. Its relatively short height and low branching makes it ideal when you need to block out a two-story building.

Emerald Bamboo (Bambusa mutabilis)

Sometimes called Emerald Timber Bamboo, this variety is the one that most people picture when they think of bamboo. It is elegant, tall and straight, and new culms have a whitish-blue waxy tint and turn a muted green color as they age. It grows in a nice tight clump that is attractive and creates a dense privacy screen. Emerald Bamboo is cold-hardy down to 18°F and makes an excellent ornamental bamboo. Its culms are about 2-inches in diameter and it grows to a stately 30 to 40 feet.

Tropical Blue Bamboo (Bambusa chungii)

This popular medium-tight clumper from China has light green leaves and nicely spaced thin-walled culms that develop a stunning powder-like, soft, light blue bloom and requires a little more room than one of the tight clumping varieties. At a maximum height of about 35 feet with 3-inch diameter culms, Tropical Blue Bamboo is appropriate as an ornamental or as a dense privacy hedge.

Clumping bamboos are perfectly suited for use as dramatic focal pieces, privacy screens, hedges, living fences, windbreaks, and to stabilize soil on slopes.

There are so many varieties of bamboo that you can find one that will grow everywhere except Antarctica and survive in many different climate conditions. Consider including the versatile, manageable and eco-friendly bamboo in your next landscaping project.

The best way to get information about which clumping bamboo species will work best in your landscaping project is to talk to us at Palmco.

Check out the descriptions on our website of our Largo bamboo wholesale plants and palm trees, or tour our Bokeelia, Florida plantation.

Call us at (239) 283-1329. We look forward to working with you!