Tampa Palm Trees For Sale

Tampa Palm Trees For Sale

With over 600 acres in production on Palm Island, Florida, Palmco is one of the largest palm plantations in North America. We have 20-plus varieties of choice Tampa palm trees for sale and can make your landscaping come alive, whether you need interior or exterior palms.

We specialize in growing and sourcing the world’s finest palms.

Many of our palm varieties provide shade with practically no litter, enhancing the tropical appeal of your landscape, especially around swimming pools. We have many sizes available at our farm and can mix or match heights for any size job. We deliver our palms on-time, in excellent condition, and ready to plant.

We’re all accustomed to seeing palm trees growing majestically outdoors, but indoor palm trees make wonderful specimen plants, adding the flair of the tropics to corporate offices, shopping malls, restaurants and hotels. With the right balance of moisture, light, fertilizer and warmth, palms can thrive indoors. Ask us for tips on how to care for your indoor palms.

Popular Choices for Interior Palm Trees

  • Adonidia Palm (Adonidia merrillii)

This versatile and attractive palm, also known as the Christmas Palm, resembles a dwarf version of the Royal Palm (Roystonea regia) which it matches in beauty if not in size. It has a single slender gray stem that is smooth, sectioned by leaf scar rings and is swollen at the base. It is compact and features an umbrella-like crownshaft. Indoors, it prefers a very bright light exposure, such as in an atrium. Aim for moderate temperatures (70°F to 75°F), humidity, and good air circulation. This palm should also be fertilized regularly to keep it looking its best.

  • Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens)

This dramatic palm tree from Madagascar is a clustering palm, meaning that many trunks spring up from the base of the plant, giving it a lush full look. It has fluffy, fine-textured but dense fronds with canes that resemble clumping bamboo culms. It is sometimes called the Butterfly Palm or the Golden Cane Palm. This variety makes a great focal point for large rooms, hallways and reception areas. It prefers a fairly bright room without direct sunlight. Average room temperatures of 65°F to 75°F are suitable but not lower than 55°F. Cold drafts can cause the leaves to display brown spots. Palmco is a leading supplier of field grown Arecas in a variety of sizes.

  • European Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis)

Also known as the Mediterranean Dwarf Palm, this popular variety looks exotic in any setting. It is an attractive, multi stemmed palm that’s well-suited to indoor use. The fronds are fan-shaped; the leaves are grayish-green in color and about 3 feet across at maturity. Growing to only about 4 feet tall indoors, it is ideal as a focal point in spaces of any size. Average room temperatures are fine.

The European Fan is a cold hardy palm and will not have a problem in temperatures as low as 40ºF, but it does prefer some sunlight and shade during the day. Because it has a wide spread, be prepared to give it enough space, unless you plan to move it outdoors.

Boasting over 600 acres in production, Palmco is one of the largest palm plantations in North America. We have Tampa palm trees for sale in nearly 30 different varieties.

Get in touch with us at (239) 283-1329 to discuss the spectacular palms that will thrive in your environment, indoors or out.