Buy Wholesale Palms In Tampa

Where can you buy wholesale palms in Tampa?

Palmco is one of the top palm farms in Florida.  

Florida wholesale palms for sale can always be found at Palmco on Pine Island.

When you buy wholesale palms there are many things to consider. Your customer, budget and quality materials are all going to need to match up.

Your customer’s expectations are important to consider. There are three grades of trees. Florida Fancy, #1 and #2 grade trees.

Some customers are only going to accept Florida Fancy grade trees. Other customers want this top grade of tree but cannot afford the price associated with this tree.

Other customers are content with a #1 grade tree and the price fits their budget well. #2 trees are can be bought and used on a jobsite, they just aren’t used as often as FF and #1 grade trees.

Quick lesson…

Florida Fancy grade trees are perfection! They have the ideal caliper, healthy canopy, and the canes or trunk of the palm is growing in a direction that conforms to the grades and standards that are specifed as the ideal of perfection for that palm.

Visibly natural and healthy palms are ideal for your customer’s landscape.

When you buy wholesale palms from Palmco for your customer’s landscape projects we will be sure to listen to your specs and help you find, tag, dig and deliver the trees that are going to make your customer happy year after year and bring you more business year after year.

Don’t take our word for it!

Call our competitors. Visit their farms. Talk to their customer service representatives.

Stellar customer service keeps our customers coming back over and over again. We had a visit today from Palmco’s first customer, stopping in, as usual, to buy wholesale palms for his customer’s install job.

Call Palmco today and experience our customer centered quality first approach to business. We are available Monday thru Friday at 239-283-1329.