Clearwater Bamboo Wholesale

Clearwater Bamboo Wholesale

The weather in Clearwater, Florida rarely dips below 50°F, providing an ideal climate for most species of non-invasive tropical and subtropical clumping bamboos.

At Palmco on Pine Island, you can find 16 stunning varieties of Clearwater bamboo for wholesale customers that will meet all of your landscaping project requirements.

There are two broad categories of bamboo that can be described by their growth habits – the running and clumping varieties – but Palmco only grows the clumping varieties.

The Bambusa variety is a tropical and subtropical species that is ideal for hot, southern climates yet cold-hardy to about +20° F, and the Dendrocalamus variety, is a genus that includes some of the tallest, most impressive bamboos in the world.

What are the benefits of clumping bamboo?

In the past, people have avoided using bamboo in their landscapes because they fear that the plant will run rampant, spreading far beyond its intended space.

This is not true for clumping bamboos, which are very predictable in terms of their size and shape.

The distinction between pachymorph (clumping) bamboos and leptomorph (running) bamboos is the way they behave underground.

Clumping bamboos generally spread very slowly.  

Each new rhizome produces only a single culm, located very close to its mother culm. They turn upward, becoming canes immediately, and are easy to maintain. Clumping bamboos will usually stay in one place and cannot spread more than a few inches per year.

Running bamboos (which Palmco does not grow), on the other hand, send out shoots underground, traveling as far as 10 to 15 feet, producing new culms all along the way. Runners have the ability to spread very rapidly and may grow out of control.

Non-invasive clumping bamboos (are the only bamboos we grow) come from tropical and semi-tropical regions of the world, but many of them are capable of tolerating periods of cold climate, including short periods of frost.

How do you maintain clumping bamboo? Clumping bamboo is quite simple to maintain.

As new shoots break through the ground each year, choose some of the larger ones that you want to grow into mature culms. Remove older, less productive culms and spindly stems to make way for healthy new growth.

Cut off or stamp down the unwanted shoots at ground level, making sure that you space attractively between culms.

You may also want to remove older culms (5 years or older) to give the clump a more youthful look. It’s even possible to modify the shape and size of the bamboo to form the plant into topiary or small, nicely trimmed hedges if you want to keep it small.

What are some uses for clumping bamboo?

Mankind has been using bamboo for thousands of years.

Bamboo has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for use as a building material and for tools and weaponry. It has long been used for furniture, shelter, scaffolding, irrigation pipes, utensils, fishing rods, and even as a food source.

As a landscaping material, clumping bamboo has a myriad of uses such as:

  • A single attention-getting specimen a privacy screen to divide space
  • A living alternative to a fence a hedge a noise barrier
  • A method of providing shade a windbreak or storm barrier
  • A backdrop for other tropical plants
  • A soil stabilizer on river banks

Bamboo can create privacy and beauty in just a few growing seasons.

The best way to get information on which species will work best in your application is to talk to us at Palmco.

Check out our Clumping Bamboos page for general descriptions of our Clearwater bamboo wholesale plants, visit us for a tour of our Bokeelia, Florida property, or call us at (239) 283-1329.

We look forward to working with you!