Wholesale Palm Trees In Largo Florida

Wholesale Palm Trees Largo Florida

As you look for wholesale palm trees in Largo, Florida, visit Palmco on Pine Island to discover the two dozen varieties of palm trees we grow on one of the largest palm plantations in North America.

Largo, on the low-lying Pinellas Peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, enjoys a humid subtropical climate with frequent thunderstorms in summer and reasonably dry winters.

In fact, winter temperatures in Largo are often warmer than those on mainland Florida.

The USDA hardiness zone map places Largo in Zone 10a, with average annual minimum winter temperatures of 30 to 35°F; however, surrounding parts of Pinellas County are in USDA Zones 9b and 10b.

When planting palm trees, it’s important to choose a variety that will withstand the coldest weather in your specific area.

Palmco grows many varieties of palms that are perfect for the Largo area as well as nearby Clearwater, Seminole, Dunedin, Gulfport, Belleair, and St. Petersburg, including:

Canary Palm

This slow-growing palm, also called the Canary Island Date Palm and the Pineapple Palm, is valued for its impressive appearance and its hardiness. It grows well throughout Florida and much of the southern U.S. It has a massive canopy and caliper, and typically grows to 50 or 60 feet with a trunk thicker than a bridge support.

The majestic crownshaft of the Canary Palm resembles a pineapple, but it has to be manicured to keep it looking good. It enjoys a sunny location and moist, but very well-drained, soil. Cold-hardy at maturity, it can take temperatures into the 20’s, including frosts, with no visible damage.

Fishtail Palm

This palm was named for its unusual fish tail shaped leaves and thick, swirled layers of ruffled fronds. These are bipinnate palms, meaning there are side branches off of the main branch, and they are the only palms with this sort of leaf anatomy. Fishtails are also clustering palms and make wonderful privacy screens that are a great alternative to bamboo.

Fishtails grow at a moderate rate to about 20 to 25 feet and have taken the landscape world by storm in the past 15 years. At Palmco, we grow our Fishtail palms in the field and keep a limited inventory of container material available. Many of our plants have as many as 9 heads, and they make stunning stand alone centerpieces.

Paurotis Palm;

The beautiful clustering Paurotis Palm, also known as the Everglades Palm, forms a tropical oasis of slim trunks, fan-shaped leaves and a casual, naturalized Florida look. The leaves are green on top and silver underneath.

This palm makes a great focal point and looks spectacular with nighttime uplighting.

It is cold hardy throughout South Florida to 25°F. It grows slowly in full to partial sun, tolerates salt, and can eventually grow to 25 feet with a spread as wide as 15 feet. Paurotis is native to the Everglades and is protected by Florida law in the wild.

Fortunately, when choosing wholesale palm trees in Largo, Florida, you’ll have plenty of options for palms that will thrive in your area. The best way to narrow down your choices is to pay a visit to our 600+ acre plantation in Bokeelia, Florida, and see the palms for yourself.

Call us at (239) 283-1329 to get started on putting your tropical landscape together.