Orlando Palm Trees For Sale

Orlando Palm Trees For Sale

Few types of plants offer the beauty and appeal of palm trees.

Small varieties with visible, attractive trunks and fluffy, full-to-the-ground palms are beautiful as backdrops or when surrounded by small or mid-size flowering shrubs. Large varieties, whether majestic or slim and willowy, make striking silhouettes in any environment.

You will find a wide range of Orlando palm trees for sale at Palmco.

About Palm Tree Grades

Before you start choosing palm trees, we need to describe the three grades of trees as defined in the Florida Grades and Standards Manual:

  • Florida Fancy (FF), the grade of Palmco’s trees, is “an exceptionally healthy and vigorous palm that is perfectly formed and foliated (subject to the natural growth of the species).” This is the most desirable grade; however, the prices of these trees may not fit all of your customers’ budgets.
  • Florida No. 1 is “a healthy and vigorous palm that is well formed and foliated (subject to the natural growth of the species).” Grade #1 trees are perfectly acceptable to many customers and are more budget-friendly.
  • Florida No. 2 is “a healthy palm that is fairly well formed with fair foliage quality (subject to the natural growth of the species).” This grade of tree is not used as frequently as FF and #1 grade trees.

Palmco’s Environmentally Conscious Growing Process

This is one of our proudest accomplishments at Palmco. We use our irrigation and fertilization systems together with soil moisture monitoring stations to nourish our trees and prevent toxins from leaching into the surrounding soil and ground water.

We never use restricted-use chemicals, and we recycle all plant waste and by-products into mulch for use on our palm tree beds. This helps us reduce our water usage and improve the soil for future generations.

This type of care and attention is crucial when growing wholesale palm trees.

Feeding a tree regularly throughout its life can determine the eventual grade of the tree. We grow Florida Fancy graded trees, the most desirable for many landscape architects, and will provide you with the very best specimens.

Palm Tree Landscaping Ideas

There are about 2,600 known palm tree species in the world. They are among the most extensively cultivated plants, and most people associate them with tropical landscapes. Popular uses for palm trees include:

  • As single large specimens
  • To provide shade alongside windows
  • As entryway focal points
  • In large patio and deck containers
  • To accent the height of a building
  • To line avenues and streets
  • To flank driveway entrances (in pairs)
  • To create privacy screens along a property line
  • In the center of a circular driveway
  • To accent an architectural element
  • To create privacy along a property line

When you are looking for Orlando palm trees for sale to design your customer’s landscape, check out Palmco’s high-quality specimens.

We serve all of Florida and the contiguous U.S., providing a wide selection of palms with different heights, shapes, textures and even colors. We invite you to tour our palm tree farms in Florida to find out what sets us apart from other nurseries.