Ocala Wholesale Bamboo Plants

Ocala Wholesale Bamboo Plants

Bamboo is one of nature’s most versatile and useful plants. If you are looking for wholesale bamboo plants to enhance your next residential or commercial landscaping project in Ocala, Palmco offers some of the most impressive cold hardy bamboos in the world.

Palmco is Florida’s premier grower of top quality non-invasive clumping bamboo. We are one of the largest palm and bamboo plantations in North America and offer 14 breathtaking varieties of tropical and subtropical clumping bamboo to customers across the Southeastern United States.

Our clumping bamboos are available in a variety of sizes, colors and textures to help you create magnificent hedges and privacy screens, windbreaks, noise barriers, as well as stunning specimens that will provide visual impact in any landscape.

Palmco continuously researches and acquires new clumping bamboo species to evaluate them for their suitability to our Florida subtropical climate. Cold hardy bamboos are capable of adding tropical beauty to almost any climate zone. They will generally remain evergreen to around 12° to 15°F, and our Florida temperatures rarely drop below this.

Ocala, located in USDA Zone 9a, has low temperatures ranging from 20 to 30°F. Many varieties of clumping bamboo are well-suited to this Central Florida climate, including:

Emerald Bamboo (Bambusa mutabilis) – Sometimes called Emerald Timber Bamboo, this variety is the one that most people picture when they think of bamboo. It is elegant, tall and straight, and is branchless on the lower half. Light green 2-inch diameter culms have a somewhat persistent white bloom on long internodes. Emerald Bamboo grows in a nice tight clump that is attractive and creates a dense privacy screen. It is cold-hardy down to 18°F, grows to a stately 30 to 40 feet, and makes an excellent ornamental bamboo.

Golden Goddess Bamboo (Bambusa multiplex ‘Golden Goddess’) – When you need a beautiful container plant for the patio or poolside, or are working with a small lot, Golden Goddess may be the perfect solution. It grows to about 12 feet tall with delicate leaves and densely packed ¼” diameter canes that turn golden with age and sun exposure. This is a semi-dwarf bamboo; plant 4 to 8 feet apart for a moderate-sized privacy screen that will fill in quickly. It is very hardy down to 15°F to 18°F.

Seabreeze Bamboo (Bambusa malingensis) – This tough, bushy and very fast growing Chinese variety can reach heights up to 40 feet. The 2 1/2-inch diameter canes have a distinctive bluish-white tint in each section. Seabreeze is a very hardy clumping bamboo that can withstand temperatures down to 20°F. It is also drought-tolerant and salt-tolerant. When mature, it forms a graceful umbrella-shaped arch and is perfect for hedges and privacy screens. The canes also make peaceful “bamboo sounds” in the wind.

Get more information about wholesale bamboo plants that will flourish in your Ocala landscape by contacting Palmco Monday thru Friday from 8AM to 5PM at (239) 283-1329. We’ll answer all of your questions and arrange delivery to your jobsite.