Palm Trees for Sale in Gainesville, Florida

Wondering where to find palm trees for sale in Gainesville, Florida? Palmco is Florida’s premier grower of Florida Fancy (FF) grade palms.

Landscaping professionals who visit our 600+ acre palm tree nursery on Pine Island will discover elegant and unique palms that can be quickly dug and delivered.

Palm Trees for Sale in Gainesville, FloridaWe take pride in being able to “dig today, deliver tomorrow” to satisfy our customers in Florida and throughout the U.S. Our environmentally conscious growing process and dedication to quality service are recognized throughout the industry.

Palmco’s state-of-the-art irrigation and fertilization systems ensure that our plants get the moisture and nutrients they need to grow healthy and happy.

Whether you need small, medium, large, traditional, or rare and exotic palms, we will hand-select and deliver them on time and in excellent condition.

Important Information About Successful Palm Tree Applications

Palms create striking silhouettes in any landscape. Small varieties with attractive trunks and fluffy, full-to-the-ground fronds are beautiful as backdrops or when surrounded by other flowering shrubs. Large varieties, whether majestic or willowy, are spectacular as avenue plantings and as single specimens.

Here are a few suggestions for using the different types of palm trees:

For Small Palm Trees

  • Focal points for small areas and corners of buildings
  • Backdrops for fountains and architectural elements
  • Fill space between the trunks of taller palms
  • In large patio and deck containers
  • Anchor plants for large flowering beds

For Medium and Large Palms

  • Single large specimens
  • Privacy screens along a property line
  • To line avenues and streets
  • Flank driveway entrances (in pairs)
  • In the center of a circular driveway

And here are the instructions for transplanting these palm tree installations properly:

  • Time it. Because palms usually go through rapid root growth in warm months, consider transplanting them in the spring or early summer.
  • Acclimatize it. If you’re going to move the palm to a different location, get it acclimated to the new location by moving it in its container about a week before you transplant it.
  • Stimulate it. Dig the hole twice the diameter of the container. A good way to reduce transplant shock is to add a high quality root stimulator to the hole.
  • Slide it. The root ball should slide out of the container easily. Lay larger palms on their sides and, if in plastic pots, cut the plastic with scissors without damaging the root ball.
  • Plant it. To avoid root rot, place the palm at the same depth it was growing at previously or slightly above grade. Place the root ball into the container (or ground) carefully, without breaking it apart.
  • Water it. Each tree should have its own dedicated source of water; i.e., 2-3 gallon-per-minute bubblers. Larger trees will more than likely require 2-3 bubblers placed on both sides of the root ball.

Palmco is the answer to your question about palm trees for sale in Gainesville, Florida. We hope you will give our experts a call today at 239.283.1329 to answer any questions you may have or to place your order!