Daytona Beach Wholesale Palms

Looking for wholesale palms in Daytona Beach?

You can call off the dogs!

Palmco has become one of Florida’s premier providers of wholesale palms.

Over time we have developed our fields in such a way that all irrigation is timed out based on seasonal requirements. Our irrigation water is tested to ensure it is chemically and Ph balanced for the optimum growing of healthy palms.

Palm tree farming high quality palms takes time, patience, care and… A little bit of luck!

The timing and scheduling of fertilization is key when growing wholesale palm trees. Feeding a tree regularly throughout the entirety of its life can determine the grade of tree that we grow. Florida Fancy graded trees are the most desirable to many landscape architects.

Sometimes Mother Nature helps you out and sometimes Mother Nature does her own thing.

The luck part can include a quiet hurricane season and mild winter temperatures. There is no method for controlling the path of a hurricane, but in the event we have a frigid winter Palmco has strategically installed wind machines around the farm to keep frost from settling on the palms.

We grow approximately 40 varieties of tropical and cold hardy palms.

We serve all of Daytona from this location, including Port Orange, Deltona, Ormond Beach and New Smyrna Beach.

Queens, Washingtonia, Sabals are just a few of the taller palms supplied by Palmco that look great and do well in the Northeast Florida landscape. Lady Palms, Roebelenii and Dwarf Sugar Palms are some of the bush like palms known to thrive and look great in your Daytona landscape.

Call our offices today at (239) 283-1329 we will answer your questions and help you order the wholesale palms that are perfect for your customer’s landscape. Our cold hardy palms can be found on our site by using the search window or call and place your order.