St Petersburg Palm Tree Nursery

St. Petersburg Palm Tree Nursery

A landscape can be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary with the addition of unique specimen palm trees. Palmco serves St. Petersburg from our palm tree nursery in Bokeelia.

We offer one of the nation’s largest selections of palms and bamboos.

Established in 1984 on Pine Island, Florida, we have over 600 acres of the best palms and bamboos, ranging from the most abundant and widely used to the rare and exotic.

Palmco assists landscape contractors, architects and developers with everything they need to beautify a resort, golf course, commercial properties, residential estates and more, by providing large tree transplants and specimen trees throughout the country and worldwide.

Specimen palms make a dramatic impact, and Palmco offers an exceptional range of palm types and sizes. Here a few examples of palms that make outstanding focal points and create a tropical paradise in any landscape:

Caryota mitis

Also known as the Fishtail Palm, it was named for its unusual leaves which are shaped like a jagged fish tail with thick, swirled layers of ruffled fronds. They are bipinnate palms, meaning there are side branches off of the main branch, and they are the only palms with this leaf anatomy.

Fishtails are also clustering palms and make wonderful privacy screens that are a great tropical alternative to bamboo. Fishtails grow at a moderate rate to about 20 to 25 feet and have taken the landscape world by storm in the past 15 years. At Palmco, we grow our Fishtail palms in the field and keep a limited inventory of container material available. Many of our field grown materials have as many as 9 heads, and they make stunning standalone centerpieces.

Livistona chinensis

The Chinese Fan Palm or Fountain Palm is a lush palm that is a favorite in South Florida landscapes. It features a wide-spreading crown with bright green fan-shaped leaves that are divided into about 75 segments.

The fronds droop downward, giving the plant a graceful “weep” or fountain-like effect. Chinese Fans are slow growers in any light and will grow wide before they grow up, staying low to the ground while the palm is young. Livistona chinensis are a great all around specimen for landscaping installations, not only in the southeast but even further north than you might think.

They make great privacy plants, excellent container palms or spectacular anchors for a tropical garden bed. The Chinese Fan will eventually grow to about 25 feet. Palmco offers single, double, triple and multi Chinese Fan configurations.

Phoenix reclinata

Also known as the Reclinata or the Senegal Date Palm, this beautiful and unusual palm grows in huge clumps that make a dramatic specimen plant for yards, parks, and campuses. It makes a powerful statement against large backdrops with its gracefully curving stems.

The Phoenix reclinata can also thrive in large containers and other confined urban areas.

Very dramatic affects can be achieved by spotlighting it at night to really show it off.

It is considered a slow grower but, compared to other palms, this palm is relatively fast growing, reaching heights close to 25 and 30 feet. Some trunks will be tall and others short, so no two reclinatas are alike. It is drought tolerant and prefers bright sunny locations with well drained soil. And it also fruits, producing an edible date.

Get more information about specimen palms from our palm tree nursery experts who’ve been supplying materials to St. Petersburg for decades.

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