Palm Tree Nursery In Hillsborough County Florida


Locating an exceptional palm tree nursery in Hillsborough County Florida might prove challenging.

Therefore you would be best served by considering one of the nation’s largest palm plantations, Palmco. With 600 acres of palm trees growing on gorgeous Pine Island, we are prepared to meet all your palm tree needs.

Hillsborough County is located in the USDA growth zone of 9b.

This helps determine which palm trees are best suited for your region and climate. With over 30 years of experience, our palm tree experts can provide you with the best suggestions and transplant methodologies.

They will walk you through every step of the process.

Hillsborough’s Highly Recommended Palms

Thanks to Hillsborough County’s central location in the state, most palms will work well in Tampa, Palm River, Hopewell, Lithia, Rocky Creek, and beyond.

However, there are some palms that are particularly well-suited for zone 9b:

  • Canary Palm:
    These are widely used in landscape designs thanks to their crown shafts. This crown resembles a pineapple when properly pruned. It is an extremely hardy tree with moderate drought tolerance, but pay careful attention to fertilizing practices. When properly maintained, the canopy and crown of this palm are quite memorable.

  • Lady Palm:
    These trees are perfect for people looking at planting a privacy screen or other shrubbery. The small stature and clumping nature of these palms make them quite desirable in that application. They make great borders and container plantings as well.

  • Sylvestris Palm:
    Also known as the Silver Date Palm, the Sylvestris is originally from India and can reach 40 feet in height. This palm’s fruit is often used to make jelly and wine. The sap can also be ingested fresh or fermented into what’s known as palm jaggery which is quite popular in India. This is a low-maintenance palm that is quickly gaining landscaping attention.

  • Washingtonia Palm:
    This palm is both fast growing and easily transplanted. This makes it a great palm for the quick design of your outdoor paradise. It gives instant gratification for landscapers and builders alike. Due to its extreme height, up to 100 feet tall, this is a great tree for street and open space planting.

  • Windmill Palm:
    This tree is employed in designs around the world in both parks and gardens. Accommodating their 10 foot canopies is a good idea when planting, so make sure to space them 6-10 feet apart. Protect the Windmill Palm from direct gusts of wind and watch as it adds an elegant look to your walkways and structures.

We Can Help

No matter your clientele’s preferences, Palmco is quite capable of providing the palm trees best suited for your installation needs. Our customer service experts will take photos of the exact trees you’ll be receiving so your clients can see them in advance.

We can use our shipping experts or work with yours.

Feel free to come for a tour of the property in Bokeelia as well. We would love to show you our tranquil slice of paradise.

Customers in Hillsborough County Florida can’t find a better palm tree nursery than Palmco. Let us prove it. Please contact our staff five days a week at: 1-855-Go-Palmco or 1-239-283-1329.