Wholesale Palm Trees Pinellas County, Florida

Wholesale Palm Trees Pinellas County, Florida

When selecting the perfect wholesale palm trees for your residential development, resort hotel, golf course or avenue plantings in Pinellas County, Florida, you can count on Palmco for the strongest, healthiest, most aesthetically beautiful palms for your USDA Zone 10a environment.

As one of the largest palm plantations in North America, Palmco specializes in FF-grade wholesale palms for all Florida planting zones and zones throughout the southeastern U.S. Our Pine Island location is ideal for growing palms because the surrounding waters keep the temperatures perfect nearly year-round, enabling us to consistently deliver the highest grades of palms.

About Florida Palm Tree Grades

Many people overlook Florida’s palm tree grades and standards, but it’s important to know what you are buying. Quality makes a difference, and we recommend that you not buy palm trees for your project based on price alone. Here are some things to know about the various palm tree grades:

Florida Fancy (FF) is “a palm with no eliminating or downgrading factors… with 100% excellent leaves.” The palms we grow at Palmco are Florida Fancy trees, the most desirable grade of palm. The prices of these trees, however, may exceed some budgets.

Palms receive the top FF grade when they meet or exceed the caliper specifications for their species, are well-formed, have a dense, heavy canopy with all fronds in the correct position (and cut clean and symmetrically at the trunk on old leaf-bases), are free of trunk defects, and have no pests or symptoms of plant disease.

Florida No. 1 is also a healthy, vigorous, well-formed palm, but may have minor defects and need some corrective pruning. #1 grade trees are good enough for many customers and easier on the budget.

Florida No. 2 is a healthy palm, but one that is somewhat lacking in formation and foliage quality. This lower grade of palm is not used as often as FF and #1 grade trees.

If a palm is found to have evidence of insect infestations, symptoms of lethal diseases, or has been improperly staked using nails or spikes in the trunk to support it while it grows, it cannot be graded at all.

The Perfect Palm for Your Zone 10a Project

Paurotis Palm (Acoelorrhaphe wrightii): The Paurotis (or Everglades) palm originates in South America but has been in Florida for as long as anyone can remember. It is capable of reaching heights of 20 to 30 feet with a canopy spread of 15 feet in diameter. The versatile clustering Paurotis is dense and thickly covered almost to the ground, making it ideal as a focal point and for screening and hedge applications.

Queen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana): Queen Palms, native to South America, grow best in full sun, adding as much as 6 feet a year to a maximum height of about 40 feet. The lacy fronds are dark green and pinnate with double rows of leaflets. White flowers will appear in the spring and hang in dense, branched clusters. Queen Palms are great for ornamental gardens as well as for lining streets or driveways.

Ribbon Palm (Livistona dicipiens): Another showstopper along a driveway or avenue is the Ribbon Palm, also called the Fountain Palm. Originating in Australia, it’s sturdy, drought-tolerant, salt-tolerant, disease-resistant, and very cold-hardy. What makes it unique and elegant are its long, wispy costapalmate leaves that hang down like delicate ribbons. The Ribbon Palm loves the full sun and will grow slowly to an average of 30 feet.

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