Wholesale Bamboo Polk County Florida

Wholesale Bamboo Polk County Florida

Florida loves bamboo almost as much as it loves palm trees.

If you’re looking for wholesale bamboo in Polk County, look no further than Palmco.

We know palms and bamboos better than most.

Palmco has been in business for over 30 years and cultivates 14 species of bamboo along with beautiful palm trees on our 600 acre Pine Island plantation. Feel free to visit and check out our little piece of paradise before you make your purchase.

Bamboo has gotten a bad rap in Florida, but we want to assure you that we have hand-selected our clumping bamboos based on one important factor – they’re non-invasive.

Our bamboo will not go where you don’t want it to go. This means you can provide your customers with exotic yet manageable plants, whether you’re working on a residential or commercial installation.

Best Bamboo for Polk County

Thankfully, Florida has a terrific climate for the growing of bamboo, and most of the species we grow will be well-suited for your area of the state, whether the subject property is in Lakeland, Davenport, Alturas, Polk City, Citrus Ridge, or elsewhere in the region.

We’ve included some of our best species in the list below to identify some of the beautiful specimens we’re cultivating for your landscaping and architectural design needs.

  • Angel Mist Bamboo
    This is a larger caned variety, reaching 3 inches in diameter and an average height of 35 feet. It is well known for its dark green striped, yellow or green canes that are covered with wax. These are particularly beautiful in urban landscapes and gardens. They make a colorful display wherever they are planted.

  • Asian Lemon Bamboo:
    This species is worthy of consideration thanks to its bold coloration. When mature, the culms (or canes) turn a bright yellow (lemon-tinted) color with green stripes. Up until that point, they are generally pink or peach with the same green stripes. This is an attractive and strong bamboo species and is revered for its exceptional height and beauty.

  • Dwarf Buddha Belly:
    Unlike many other bamboo suggestions found here, this species originates from Burma. This is a bizarre but wholly intriguing bamboo as it has swollen lower internodes (creating a seemingly round belly shape). It is guaranteed to be a conversation piece in any garden or exotic landscape design. It’s fast growing, reaching full maturity in 3 years and is known as one of the easiest clumping bamboo species to grow and maintain once established.

  • Seabreeze Bamboo:
    If you’re looking for a great windbreaker, Seabreeze is highly recommended. It works well for screening installations too, and can reach an average height of 40 feet. It’s a bushy specimen with blue-white canes. It’s a great coastal bamboo and would make a nice addition to ponds and lakes to give that tropical feel. It is both drought and flood tolerant and can quickly form a tight hedge to protect your home or valuables from prying eyes. 

Palmco Knows Clumping Bamboo

If you’re serious about finding the finest wholesale bamboos for your Polk County Florida clientele, Palmco is the answer. Rest assured that we stand by our products and services.

Come see what we have to offer, or call us today at 1-855-Go-Palmco or 239-283-1329 with any questions you may have.