St. Petersburg Palm Trees For Sale

St Petersburg Palm Trees For Sale

Palm trees come in a wide variety of heights, shapes, textures and even colors.

At Palmco, on Pine Island, we grow 40 varieties of top quality tropical and cold-hardy palms. If you are looking for St. Petersburg palm trees for sale, we can help you find the perfect specimen that will turn your customer’s landscape into a tropical paradise.

Pine Island is ideal for growing palm trees due to its location as a barrier island.

The surrounding waters keep the temperatures perfect nearly year-round. Palms in this environment tend to reach their highest potential in height, caliper and green fronds. With our state-of-the-art, fully automated irrigation systems and extensive nutritional programs, we intend to deliver the best palms.

Using Palm Trees in a Landscape

Majestic palm trees can be planted as single accent specimens, in clumps or in groves.

They are ideal around public buildings, in parks, along avenues, around swimming pools and outdoor living areas, or wherever you need a bold effect or tropical look. Large palms help define large spaces with strong vertical accents and skyline silhouettes and are particularly useful in large office or residential building complexes.

Natural groupings of different sized palms make an impressive statement at building entrances.

Other uses include:

  • Large patio and deck containers
  • Anchor plants in large beds
  • To provide shade alongside windows
  • Privacy screens along a property line
  • In the center of a circular driveway
  • To line avenues and streets
  • To flank driveway entrances (in pairs)
  • As backdrops for fountains and architectural elements
  • To fill space between the trunks of taller palms

Maintaining the Palm’s Beauty

Once planted, improper maintenance of palm trees can damage both the aesthetics of the landscape and the tree. New fronds receive oxygen and nutrients from old fronds. If you cannot wait for fronds to die before removing them, it’s important to know how to trim them and keep them healthy.

Pruning a palm can negatively affect its cold and disease tolerance; however, it may need help with broken or dead fronds, flowers and fruit stalk removal. Some palms will shed fronds naturally.

It’s OK to remove browned fronds, but not before they are about 3/4 brown. The best time to trim palms is when they go to sleep in the colder months.

Never cut off the trunk of a palm unless you want to kill it. Also, wounds in the trunk of a palm that are caused by a weed trimmer or lawnmower will never heal. Avoid damaging the trunk or you will give diseases and pests an entryway to the core of the tree.

Choose an Appropriate Size for the Location

Palm trees come in a wide range of heights.

Choose a variety that will mature to a reasonable size for the location, because some varieties can grow to 80 feet or more. Small palms are ideal when combined with larger varieties to give your landscape multiple dimensions. Small, fluffy palms make beautiful background plantings for shorter flowering plants. Allow room for growth. A 5-gallon container may one day overpower the buildings and garden.

Avoid planting under roof overhangs and power lines.

There are nearly 3,000 species of palms. As you look at St. Petersburg palm trees for sale, we welcome you to tour our farm or check the palm varieties we offer by visiting our website.

Contact us at (239) 283-1329 for answers to any questions you may have about palm trees and bamboos.