Tallahassee Wholesale Bamboo

Buying Tallahassee wholesale bamboo?

Palmco is one of top Florida wholesale bamboo farmers.

Tall, beautiful and dark green, Emerald bamboo is a great choice for use in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas of Monticello, St Marks and Crawford.

Known by its’ botanical name, Bambusa mutabilis has all of the attributes that are conjured up when the iconic image of bamboo appears in the imagination. Vivid, luscious green culms display the strength and beauty that this woody grass is known for.

Ideal applications include farm or golf course wind breaks.

This species grows up to 40 feet at its max height and is used regularly in these types of landscapes. Emerald clumps tight and its culms are 2 inches in diameter in its mature state. When used for screening, Emerald stands more erect than some other screening varieties. This is due to the absolute straight upward growth of its culms.

Other applications include use as a specimen in the landscape.

Specimen plantings are often very expensive but using a field grown bamboo specimen is exponentially less expensive than a traditional center piece or focal point planting using palms or ornamental trees.

Palmco is currently growing fifteen varieties of bamboo. Five of these are cold hardy down to 15°F and all are noninvasive clumpers. We produce inventories of smaller screening and hedging bamboos, all are cold hardy.

Depending on how these clumping varities are utilized by the landscaper, the bamboo can be tamed and controlled for a highly defined hedge or it can be left to grow naturally

Give us a call daily and a seasoned customer service representative will discuss all available options and arrange pick up or delivery of your materials to the location that works best for you and your customer.

Gain more information about the list of wholesale bamboo plants grown at Palmco by contacting us Monday thru Friday from 8-5pm at 239-283-1329.