Tallahassee Wholesale Palms

Tallahassee wholesale palms are now available!

Palmco is one of Florida’s top choices for wholesale palms.

A long time member of the FNGLA, Palmco continuously pushes to achieve quality condition in the growth of our trees.

Mule palms are a true hybridized palm tree.

The Mule Palm is the love child of the Queen and Pindo palms. Both are cold hardy both are fast growing. The Queen is a fast growing parent and the Pindo is the significantly more cold hardy down to 10°F, once established.

The combination of these two fast growing, cold hardy palms has produced a palm with impressive cold tolerance and rapid growth. Simultaneously, the Mule Palm achieves a tropical look that designers in the sub-tropics struggle to implement in areas like Tallahassee and the surrounding areas of Monticello, St Marks and Crawfordville.

Palm farms in Florida growing specifically for the wholesale palm tree marketplace, are working to keep up inventories of this increasingly popular palm.

Palmco’s goal as a grower of wholesale palms is to cultivate FF grade trees based on the Florida Grades and Standards manual. In order to get in range of this goal, we apply the best practices developed by Mark Dean, founder and owner of Palmco since the mid 1980’s.

Planting space for each tree in the field as well as fertilization and irrigation is critical throughout the growing process. When it is time to dig a tree for pick up or delivery the digging and strapping techniques we have developed ensure that our handling of trees leaves no scarring or trauma to the palm.

Our experienced customer service representatives will answer all of your questions and arrange delivery of your palms to your jobsite at your request.

Gain more information about the list of wholesale palm trees grown at Palmco by contacting us Monday thru Friday from 8-5pm at 239-283-1329.