Jacksonville Wholesale Bamboo

Discover Jacksonville wholesale bamboo.

Palmco is one of several top bamboo wholesalers in Florida.

Bamboo is unique in that it sequesters more carbon than any other plant or tree on this planet. Designers and installers of bamboo landscape plants are keeping Palmco in mind as the place to go to buy bamboo plants wholesale.

More and more customers as well as industry professionals are looking for ingenious ways to keep the look they design for their customer’s landscape as fresh as can be.

At the forefront of landscape design Palmco is supporting this momentum by working to be Jacksonville’s number one bamboo wholesaler.

Clumping bamboo is ideal for many uses in a landscape. One of those uses is as a screen. Create a space for privacy and intimacy with one of Southern China’s most perfect bamboos.

Graceful bamboo is known for its perfection because of its growth habits. The culms grow strait and close together, making it extremely tight clumping. Its culms grow to 1” diameter and the max height is 30 feet.

Ever the cold hardy bamboo, Textilis gracilis can withstand temperatures down to 15°F. This makes Graceful the ideal clumping bamboo to combat the winter lows that are typical in Northeastern Florida.

Areas in and around Jacksonville like St Augustine, Palatka, St Johns, Fernandina Beach and Orange Park are dependent our cold hardy bamboos to enhance both public and private landscapes.

Homeowners and government agency projects benefit from the use of bamboo as it fits well into efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and will meet future guidelines. Graceful bamboo is ideal because it can be used as an alternative to larger bamboo species and requires minimal maintenance.

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