Jacksonville Wholesale Palms

Wholesale palm trees are available in Jacksonville and it’s all about who you know!

Palmco is one of the foremost palm tree growers in the state of Florida. There are only a select group of palm growers. We are one of the farms that is continuously caretaking our fields, planting, fertilizing and growing Florida Fancy grade trees.

We grow and deliver all of the cold hardy palms you folks in Jacksonville are accustomed to seeing in your everyday landscape. There is nothing like seeing healthy happy trees displayed in your customer’s home or business landscape.

Landscapers and Landscape Architects invest their time composing the ideal landscape for their customer. Furnishing these landscapes with quality trees is necessary in order to maintain the integrity of the design and craftsmanship.

Traditional palms are available regularly. When you are ready to show a palm that is unique, come to Palmco.

Contemporary landscapers and designers are taking note of the super cold hardy Nitida. This in demand palm is highly desirable in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas of St Augustine, St Mary’s, Fernandina Beach and Orange Park.

Hailing from Australia, this tall solitary fan palm is gaining in popularity in Jacksonville due in part to several basic elements. It is one of the fastest growing Livistona species with max heights of 30-40 feet. The Nitida likes water but is not bothered if it doesn’t get any.

As far as the cold goes… bring it! This cold hardy Livistona is exceptional in its ability to sustain 20°F temperatures and continue to grow and thrive as the temperatures warm up.

Palmco grows approximately 25 cold hardy palms in addition to the Nitida. As one of the top palm wholesalers and growers of cold hardy palms we would like to encourage you to call our office anytime to inquire about our cold hardy palm inventories.

Call now, we are here to serve you at 239-283-1329!